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[Programmer] LF Programmer/pixel artist for demo

A topic by Rommel_Rs created Sep 08, 2020 Views: 318 Replies: 5
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Hi name is Rommel,im looking for someone who can help me make a demo for my first game,im working on the art assets,im new to pixel art,but im very experienced in digital painting,i already have most of the environment art done, i already got some character sprites,but i suck at programming,so if you know be it unity,godot or whatever engine you preffer please contact me.

the game is a Metroidvania, called Nekros:Undead Avenger

I also could use another artist,im doing everything alone right now,and i intent to have this demo ready till the end of the year hopefully,since its a simple game, i want to make a demo and a document,and if it gets gud i wanna try and get it published

this art i did it in 2015 back when i first wrote the GDD for this game,so it doesn´t represent my art skills today,but i think this topic would be empty without some art stuff

Edit: my discord is Kazuhira#3655 and my email is

hey! do you have a discord?

its Kazuhira#3655 just add me in


Here i am

Yo, I'm an experienced godot programmer, but I'm not the greatest at art, I could help you out if you could help me out with art for my game....

i have already found,a programmer so for now,the post is closed,will revive it case its necessary

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