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I just tried the demo a couple days ago and this is a really interesting idea and a change of design compared to many other Interactive Fiction and Visual Novel games I've played.  It is plain to see how much work was put into the setting and the branching story and I can barely wait to see how everything is at release.  The GUI and the screen movement feel more at home for the touchscreen but it is easy to move about.  I can easily feel the Fallen London influence in the GUI and mechanics before reading the description past the summary but this is clearly its own unique thing on top of being a vastly different setting.

I really wish you luck with development.

Tried this on a whim.  It is a nice and fun little guessing game.  Simple controls that'll probably help if someone's playing on tablet, cute aesthetic with easy to read text, pretty chill music.  Thanks for making this.

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This was cute.  A little laggy as I did the puzzles (which could be my computer being dumb) but the characters were adorable and their interaction felt natural.  The music was nice, the puzzles fun, and the game overall was short but very sweet.

Thanks for making this!

Thanks for clearing up some things.  Also I loved the character development information, always a treat to see how a design is developed!

If Jester is Betrayals and Nightmares (and designed like a court jester, where nobility are often/depicted as backstabbing intrigue) and the 'older brother' looks like a noble himself then maybe 'Eliam' is the Demon of Manipulation and Paranoia?

Ending 3 information paints a very fun image of what things might be going on with everywhere in the setting: it'd be a cycle of belief rising and waning and demons taking advantage of the lower times.  Naturally I imagine there'd also be a lot of local folktales and superstitions that develop every time the metaphysical barriers start to fall.

Ending 1&2, while I am sure that the Qualian nobility are just bog-standard human jerks (you do not need mystical manipulation to do horrible things to people), I can also imagine there's a demon among them happily using their court as a buffet table.  ....probably was Jester actually, but I can somewhat see him sharing his feasting grounds with his 'brother'.

Sequel: I'm excited at the idea and hope development goes as smoothly as possible but I have to say the synopsis actually made me laugh. Starts off very "dark fantasy vn" but quickly drops into comedy/parody.  I can picture it too: three romance options and a fake (trying that route is a definite death sentence) with a lot of bad ending paths, and the demon lurking at your back is the not-so-secret route whose responses are shaped by how you handle/react to the other characters.  You don't know which romance option was involved in your death but it's a Morton's Fork because all the mortal romance options were involved in some way.  One is actually feeling guilty about you "nearly" dying and wants to make up for it, another is terrified that you're pretending to not know and plan to make them pay, and the third is surprised and waiting for the perfect chance to finish the job (although depending on your dialogue options, they might change their mind and decide you are the perfect match to them in temperament).  All the while the demon leans on the fourth wall to make fun of the characters and your responses to things, while sometimes deciding to "spice things up" for fun like killing someone and hiding the knife in your room.

I did not expect a slap to cause... that.  Yikes.

Very good for a quick project.  Voice acting for the Jester was great, mixed feels on the offscreen characters.  Some of the options felt a little too limiting but overall a good little game.  Character artwork is very well designed and the faces can be a bit creepy.

I'm not part of the thirsty train (never am) but very truly interested in seeing more of this little world and what happens with everything around them in either location they end up in.  The little mention of him drinking a bit too much resulting in that was an interesting little bit about how he and presumably others like him work and whether one character was originally so innocent as implied considering the other options...  Was it the stress or the betrayal?  Did the character come back wrong or was it something buried beneath the whole time even before the little psyche/spiritual intrusion?

Regardless, thanks for making this!

Very cute little sound-based puzzle game, visually charming and very nicely animated.  I absolutely adored it.  Thank you for making this.

Kirby Superstar Cave?  Yeah I can see that.  I'll finish playing the demo later and then binge Phobos.  Thanks again, you're welcome, and good luck!

I'm looking forward to the finished game!  I've loved your RPGs and this one reminds me a bit more of Brave Hero Yuusha than your Soma titles or Crescent Prism.  The changeup in battle layout is a surprise as is the Sigil system.  The whole setup with collecting treasures reminds me a bit of Wario Land 4 or I guess La Mulana or Pharaoh Rebirth.  I don't usually see treasure hunting in rpgs outside of medals for tradeable-items, or just simply collecting equipment.

I've cleared the first boss and took a whack at the dimensional dungeon pit, which is I died for the first time.  For the record I'm playing Normal Mode.  The third fight did me in but I should've backtracked once I saw how much harder the mobs were.  Overall combat in the game is fairly straight forward once you get the system down.

The game feels a little bit busy with all the stuff going on but I'm having a blast.  Good luck with development!

Given the trend of 3D Horror Games but with children cartoon/book characters, I can easily see that happening eventually.

This progressed quickly from "Oh these are cute dogs" to "huh weird bigger eyes on this one" to "OH GOD they're coming in too fast!" to "OH GOD WHAT?!"

Not all that much horror or dark to me, more creepy than outright terrifying.  The four figures are each terrible in their own ways, some lighter than others, but it was neat to show that any of the player's wishes could be taken too far in the wrong hands.  Blank is a solid little game that leans on the nature of VN loops for an interesting reveal.  The ending was rather bittersweet even if it did end on a hopeful note.  Thanks, it was a nice little game.

Oh hello trifecta of things I'm hooked on: management sims, vns, and clickers.  This will be a blast, your work is lovely as always!

Thank you.  I've loved your work in the past and I'm really looking forward to this.

This looks absolutely gorgeous.  I can't wait to see a demo let alone the finished project.  Good luck with development!

You've blessed the world with a hellish fate.  Thank you, I hate it.  Time to try again...

Gorey Warioware with a Paper Mario style overworld?  Sounds utterly bizarre in a delightfully disturbing way.

The demo didn't run so well on my computer but the completed version runs nearly perfect with only the occasional stuttering during dialogue.  Visually stunning and mechanically better than many other Murder Mystery games I've played; it helps that you can jump through the dialogue and, by tapping names, a quicker means of hopping between interrogations.

The plot was engaging even though I correctly predicted who were possessed 3 out of 4 times (the Graveyard being the odd man out).  Also the spoken lines were solid and each character distinct and charming/not, kudos to the voice actors!  The only catch is that it feels as though there needs to be a sequel or a second act to the game.  I've felt the same way about SINLESS, but both that and this are fine games and captivating stories as they stand.

In any case thank you so much for the lovely experience.

Awesome!  I have fond if admittedly faint memories of playing Luxaren Allure, the Arum games (mainly Dead Moon Night and Sunken Spire), the In Search Of games, and both versions of Remnants of Isolation.  Looking forward to seeing the result of your work together!

Interesting idea.  Quickly gets harder the further along you go, but it is a really cool idea.  I adore gamejam/Ludum Dare projects because many results are so creative.  Thanks for a fun weird game.

Hello.  I just tried the demo and I must say this is an incredible little game.  Its practically a love letter to oldschool N64/PS1 3D Platformers and most blatantly Spyro the Dragon.  However as things stand while the design and layout for everything is great and the controls are very intuitive and easy to follow, there's no real challenge beyond finding everything and trying to get that one snail. As others said the underwater controls are a bit clunky.  Part of that is because I'm used to propelling by tapping or holding specific button while using the arrow/joystick for aiming, but its not that bad once you adjust to it outside of how slick it feels.  I do hope that there will be a way (likely unlockable) to shoot underwater but it isn't necessary if you won't be fighting underwater mobs.

I'm very much looking forward to future updates and the final project.  I wish you the best in development on what is clearly a passion project.

Stumbled across this while messing with the site's tags.  I wish I found this sooner because this is an adorable game!  Neat balance of restaurant management sim and a branching... not quite otome but definitely a more social-oriented visual novel, incredible artwork especially the food it looks so good but damn the character art is great.  Story's cute, the characters feel alive, and I'm looking forward to the full version.  Good luck!

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Finally got around to trying this out from the mass bundle.  Very cute and whimsical, nice touches on the character designer... but there's no sense of danger or risk like in other restaurant sims and there doesn't seem to be any real effect on how you set up your cafe and the food you serve.  As an exploration adventure game it feels better.  The ultimate payoff is nice but the game as a whole feels half done.  I definitely would play another game by you though!  The few bugs and wonky camera aside it was a well programmed relaxing low-risk game.

The fact that you can't cram your cafe with more animals is a little disappointing but I can't stop laughing at the idea of someone coming to a cafe and slowly realizing that there's... unusual animals running around.  A crow can get a pass and a capybara raises an eyebrow, but the moment the patron realizes there's a polar bear pacing around outside has them choking on their pastry.

...and admittedly I have no idea how to make this poor arctic dog stop no-clip revolving around me.  I thought the float potion would let it hover off the ground but nope, its doomed to a cursed existence.  I can only escape it for so long before its back in orbit around me.

Edit: Oh and quick warning for anyone who goes to touch that one cat on the city's rooftops: don't.  Maybe it was a bug but I wasn't able to pick it up and after that the game acted like I had an animal in my arms.  The bug was fixed by saving and reloading the game from the main menu.

I kept putting off trying this because my old computer hated anything 3D... and I regret waiting so long.  This was a great VN.  Short, but solid.  There could had been some QoL stuff with Banter like a way to keep track of what you said or if something you said had an effect, but the game itself was a good short Escape the Room puzzle game. and a nice prelude to the setting you've created.  I also have like... 20 different ideas on what's going on with Phantom.

Yeah, two things that I'll need to grab at free resources for will be sound and music.  Good luck with you as well!

I did settle on one idea so I've jotting down the idea in more detail.  It is simple to start with but I loved fairytales as a kid like the Snow Queen, Godfather Death, and Vasilisa the Beautiful more than Snow White and Rose Red, Little Mermaid (with and without the "be good kids for she will suffer disproportionately more" shoehorned moral), or The Twelve Brothers... to say nothing of The Juniper Tree (one of the most wicked stepmothers I remember reading ever).

It didn't even take five seconds for it to explode into something more complex just in the intro alone because the number of siblings would affect the story in different ways thanks to the frequent motif of "youngest child wins by being cunning af".

Decided to take a whack at this since I'm going to be stuck inside anyway.  I've only written a little here or there and drawn some things, but I really want to complete something.  Already got five rough ideas chasing around in the back of my head though.  First goal: pick the one idea to go with or find out if I can do an anthology.

I just stumbled across this while looking for new VNs and this is aDORABLE.  Short, sweet, was worried about some potential family blowups since that always seems to happen with family but everything was so cute!  Thanks for making it.  Slice-of-Life stuff is always wonderful to see.  (also relationship goals.)

You are a cunning and wily fiend.

Regarding the folder, that's the funny thing: this is a Windows machine.  I'm chalking it up to my computer just not working right, assuming that other people got their screenshots handled properly.

That was fun!  Thank you very much for making this.  Now I'll have to struggle with the idea of Resetting to get the last CG or go through the other path.

Story was cute, artwork was good (especially the CG images), I had to play mute though because it is now 3 am so unfortunately I didn't hear the music or the Voices.  Some points felt a little rushed but that's true of the original game as well.  It handled the save system well and admittedly at first I thought it crashed.  You handled that bit very well!  Only problem I can think of is that I had the game save screenshots but for some reason I can't find them.  I wanted to sit down and solve the crossword...

Potential spoilers but I'll try to keep it very general as possible:

The characters felt very true to themselves and I found that one scene with our favorite couple to be very adorable both ways (especially the session).  Toriel was a bit pushy in regards to a character implied to be older than Frisk but she was very kind all the same.  Papyrus made me want to scream a few times (which is true of canon as well) but he was still funny and excited and I found him to be very sweet when he began to suspect.  Mettaton had me wanting to boo him (the leg doubly so) but he felt surprisingly tame considering how he was in the game.  At the same time seeing as how this is a post near-Paci Neutral route, he did have a bit of a wakeup call before the new human showed up so him being 'tamer' felt fine.  And then there's Flowey.  As always, he's a rat bas... ... he's a punk and admittedly a lot of our interactions I acted completely out of spite.

With the final act, from after the job to the grand finale, I found it to be very good.  The very end was sweet and what happens when you open again did a much better job of talking me out of going again than the original did.  There's still the "what if" impulse but for now I'll leave our lovebirds alone.

Thank you again!

Congrats on reaching release!  A lot of promising fan-VNs get stalled early in development, but you've did it!  I forget when I first saw this but I'm definitely excited to see what kind of shenanigans you put the poor characters through given what happened in the demo.

Doubly so given that the player drops into a post-Neutral route rather than being in an alternate take on mid-UT (InLove), post-Paci (Kissy Cutie), pure excuse-plot (Dancing with a Beautiful Robot, Nuts in Bolts) or hilariously insane (Tem Dayting).  The consequences of being a Human in an Underground where Undyne might have been the reason why Toriel went back to the Ruins will be hilarious given that people are here to flirt with Sans.  Whether Papyrus still lives will undoubtedly affect how Sans reacts to a new human.  Especially one with a knife (thanks Flowey).

I should be thanking you.  Each time I see a new update I fall in love all over again.  I absolutely adore Lockheart and while it has been a long road and I don't engage in the threads it has definitely been well worth it.

Congrats on nearing release!

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I just tried this out.  So far it feels very much like Mega Man Battle Network as a more... I hesitate to say typical sci-fi JRPG but that's the closest I can describe it as.  Everything so far is well done.  I had a laugh at some of the things in the BBS, I was swiftly hooked by the first encounter, and the music and graphics are very nice.  I was (eventually) able to find all the items for the item quest but the puzzles and everything so far are very good.  The swifter movement with the jet flight helped.  My only problem is that there's no way to grind a bit in the shadow dimension before the boss.  Definitely looking forward to the full release though.  Good luck with development!

Edit: I didn't know of the hidden mob spawn area but through determination and spite I almost managed to kill the boss anyway.

I just tried the demo.  Very solid work so far.  I love the HUD and area transitions, it is fairly original compared how most other sci-fi setting P&C games I've tried have handled it.  The voicework is good save for one little detail: the man you're supposed to meet after talking to the policeman.  His cadence sounds lyrical, like he's constantly mocking you.  I was immediately suspicious of him because of that.

I'm surprised I couldn't interact with any of the characters or objects I saw but that makes sense as a conservation of detail.  The puzzles were well made and felt natural to the story.  The last two bits were a surprise.  I was not expecting to have to aim a gun or arrange a flight.

I'm looking forward to the full release and wish you luck with development.

Great little P&C puzzle game!  Mouse control was a bit wonky but that seems to be true of any similar titles on Android that have PC ports like The Room series.  I'm looking forward to the full version.

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I just tried the demo.  It feels a lot like Animal Crossing with a dash of Dark Cloud... but unfortunately it runs very poorly on my computer.  All the same I look forward to Littlewood's release.  Admittedly it would had been a nice surprise if this was a full action-adventure (as implied from dialogue) with this massive post-game system but as a pure construction/crafting adventure this is very pleasant with a good excuse for why you are rebuilding a town yourself.

Quick edit: Littlewood running poorly is not something the game itself may be at fault for.  My computer is old and doesn't handling some things well.

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I misinterpreted the update but I'm still excited.  There aren't enough Earthbound-ish games out there and this fills that void quite well.  I remember enjoying the demo a year or so back and I'm still looking forward to playing Glitched as a finished product.  Best of luck in regards to development!

I never realized I needed this before now.

The laptop's browser history was a cool function but putting the books on the shelf was a bit tedious.  Cute game if very brief.  Are you planning on expanding on it or making another game with the browser history function?