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I just tried the demo.  It feels a lot like Animal Crossing with a dash of Dark Cloud... but unfortunately it runs very poorly on my computer.  All the same I look forward to Littlewood's release.  Admittedly it would had been a nice surprise if this was a full action-adventure (as implied from dialogue) with this massive post-game system but as a pure construction/crafting adventure this is very pleasant with a good excuse for why you are rebuilding a town yourself.

Quick edit: Littlewood running poorly is not something the game itself may be at fault for.  My computer is old and doesn't handling some things well.

While I don't often see many visual text adventures like this I am really looking forward to the finished version.  Rather than presenting it like I have seen with a few other titles such as the Lifeline series, here we are the AI in control of a high tech diving suit's functions and thus are far more involved in the plot than just somehow controlling a distant person's actions through text-based communications.  The look is very clean, the controls... took a little getting used to but were fairly intuitive as I played along (just had to monkey around with them a little), and you just know that something's gone seriously wrong within the game.  The title drop was alarming and almost... well, its a chilling thought that there is Something there and the missing friend didn't just up and vanish into the aether.  Good luck!

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I misinterpreted the update but I'm still excited.  There aren't enough Earthbound-ish games out there and this fills that void quite well.  I remember enjoying the demo a year or so back and I'm still looking forward to playing Glitched as a finished product.  Best of luck in regards to development!

I never realized I needed this before now.

The laptop's browser history was a cool function but putting the books on the shelf was a bit tedious.  Cute game if very brief.  Are you planning on expanding on it or making another game with the browser history function?

I just stumbled across this. It is adorable! Spritework is gorgeous, mechanics are slick, and owl falconry is an unusual but fun choice of weapon. So far my only nitpicks are how there was no apparent hint of a hidden cache until my bird slammed into it while dispatching an enemy, and how I in turn slammed head-first into a mole with no idea where they were surfacing next, All the same I am definitely going to keep an eye on this. Best of luck with further development!

I normally do not play first-person horror games and although I could had tried this sooner it took a friend's interest to coax me into hitting the download button. That being said this was well designed, well made, and having no idea what was going to happen my imagination plagued me with countless different terrors that might creep up on me as I played. Every noise, every flickering light, every time I faced a corner... It was almost a relief when things did happen. I look forward to dread the further development of this unnerving little game.

Its a nice little game although the ending is quite abrupt. It would be great if you could expand on this or make another title but for something made with so little experience in game development it is very good.

This is fine. No, really. It's cute.

I did. I just left a coment on Vapor Maze with a few comparisons and a small bug I encountered. Again, thanks for making avaliable this version. The differences between stages in a game's development can be quite fascinating.

I tried both versions, this and Education of an Android. The improvements are amazing! I liked the wasd movement but mouse-movement is easier, not to mention having the commands near the heart was a cleaner use of space. The graphics here are amazing; in fact the movement cycle is very fluid. I like the synthetic heart image from Education but the health bar system here is a snap to grasp. I encountered a small bug here when I accidentally contemplated an object twice. This led to a small glitch where the screen kept flashing and making noise like it was still loading Joy. I was able to keep playing but instead of contemplating the other setting Joy to Null, it went straight to Sadness. Good luck with development of this game! It's a wonderful idea and the demo is tantalising.

Wonderful! Thank you very much.

I don't suppose the prototype will be available again for download?

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Got around to trying the demo(s). Pretty cool! The game reminds me strongly of 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors complete with one guy who dies right off the bat, although there may be more elements in common with Virtue's Last Reward but I don't remember much from that title at this time. The characters look great and the voice actors are amazing. Setting looks fine and the art is gorgeous. I'm left wondering about the player character's family and if they have cybernetic implants aside from the chip the AI mentioned. If I am honest I am not very interested in romance VNs but I'm looking forward to the release all the same. Best of luck!

That was extremely simple. Music's not bad, graphics are fine, but I blitzed through the puzzles on my first try. On the bright side the controls were very intuitive and although I expected the sunlight to set the mummies on fire it was easy to dodge them.

The demo is out? Awesome! I first saw this on the RPGMaker website and to see it somewhere else like this is exciting.

The Madoka thing is exactly what happened in Puella Magi. It is glorious.