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I just tried the demo.  Very solid work so far.  I love the HUD and area transitions, it is fairly original compared how most other sci-fi setting P&C games I've tried have handled it.  The voicework is good save for one little detail: the man you're supposed to meet after talking to the policeman.  His cadence sounds lyrical, like he's constantly mocking you.  I was immediately suspicious of him because of that.

I'm surprised I couldn't interact with any of the characters or objects I saw but that makes sense as a conservation of detail.  The puzzles were well made and felt natural to the story.  The last two bits were a surprise.  I was not expecting to have to aim a gun or arrange a flight.

I'm looking forward to the full release and wish you luck with development.

Thank you very much! To be honest, Rupert sounds that way because it was intentional (he can be a condescending little man, hehe). In the full version, there will certainly be more interactions with objects and NPCs - at the moment, we've only managed to work on the bare essentials. Again, thanks for the support :)