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Working on new weapons for Semidori Owl. One of the new weapons is a returning weapon from White Wolf 1 - Boomerang. But this time it looks a little bit different.

screenshot100.png asfdasdf.png

Here is something for #screenshotsaturday . New Midori species. This Midories can multiply themselves after you kill them!



Code Evolved - White Wolf 2 http://mmmgamesindie.blogspot.rs/2016/10/codeevolved-white-wolf-2.html

I grew up with old gaming consoles like NES and PSX. And games for those consoles was full of cheat codes. Not only for the status bust but for everything you can think of. And I want to recreate those good old days by adding tons of useless but fun cheat codes. There will be some useful cheat too, of course :) Here is how the cheat codes will work in Code: Evolved. The player can activate cheat code box at any moment while playing the game and then can type in any cheat they want. How can the players discover cheat codes? By exploring the stages. The more % of the map is discovered, the more cheat codes will be shown in the list in the inventory menu. Not all cheat codes will be shown in the game. There will be few cheat codes that players must discover on their own. For now, I added 47 cheat codes in the game and here are few of them: Big / small head mode, White owl / Black wolf, Evil semidori, Pot mode (pots will appear at every stage and you can break them and exchange them for blood and exp on the save crystal) , Midori faces (every Midori will have a weird face), and so much more... Of course, if you want to see some cheat codes please let me know :)

Secam se dobrih starih vremena kada su postojale sifre na igricama koje su bile beskorisne, ali su bile zabavne da se koriste (NES i PSX igrice su bile najpoznatije po tom pitanju). Iz tog razloga resio sam da dodam sifre u Code: Evolved igrici. Postojace sifre za jacanje statistika ali uglavnom ce se sifre svoditi na promene izgleda glavnog lika i protivnika, dodavanje predmeta po krugovima i tako dalje... Na kom principu ce se koristiti sifre? Igrac ce u bilo kom trenutku tokom igre moci da aktivira CHEAT BOX gde ce moci da ukuca i aktivira odredjenu sifru. Kako ce igrac znati sta treba da ukuca? U inventaru glavnog lika nalazice se spisak sifri koje igrac moze da aktivira. Sto igrac bude otkrivao vise % mape to ce spisak sa siframa biti veci. Neke dodatne sifre nece biti prikazane u listi i igrac ce morati sam da ih otkrije. Za sada planiram da ubacim 47 sifre a evo i neke od njih: Velike / male glave mod, Bela sova / crni vuk, Zli Semidoriji, Cupovi (u krugovima ce se pojaviti cupovi koje igrac moze da razbije i kasnije njima kupuje odredjene bonuse na kristalu za memorisanje igre), Midori faces (svi protivnici ce miati cudne face), itd... Naravno ukoliko zelite da dodate neku sifru mozete mi reci u komentarima :)


Big underwater fight coming up! So... level up your breath accordingly :)

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#CodeEvolved stage 4 - Bigger stage, bigger rooms :)

attachFull7124 attachFull7126

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Stage 4 will be full of mini-bosses! :) http://mmmgamesindie.blogspot.rs/2016/10/codeevolved-white-wolf-2.html


Small addition to a game!

Download and print your favorite Semidori :) https://mmmfree2dwindowsgames.blogspot.rs/p/board.html




Next #CodeEvolved stage is water based. So be sure to level up your wolf properly :) http://mmmgamesindie.blogspot.rs/


Check out Ever-growing + Level Editor - Platforming game with a ton of additional downloadable stages! :) You can even create your story and stages and share them on an official Ever Growing page!

Game made by MMM http://mmmfree2dwindowsgames.blogspot.rs/

OST by Scarlet Moon Productions http://scarletmoonproductions.com/

Make, share, play!


Official page: https://ever-growinggame.blogspot.rs/p/game.html

Updated DEMO - Show damage when you hit the enemy... or not. It's your choice :) http://mmmgamesindie.blogspot.rs/2016/10/codeevolved-white-wolf-2.html

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#CodeEvolved - Time to make new Semidori Wolf stage! :)

DEMO available on http://mmmgamesindie.blogspot.rs/2016/10/codeevolved-white-wolf-2.html


Do you want to enter someone's dream? All you need is a giant crystal Smiley

DEMO AVAILABLE ON: http://mmmgamesindie.blogspot.rs/2016/10/codeevolved-white-wolf-2.html

It's time to enter your dream! Small piece of animated cut-scene :)

Check out DEMO on http://mmmgamesindie.blogspot.rs/2016/10/codeevolv...

Currently working on an animated scene for #CodeEvolved - Here are the few sketches from storyboard :)

This will take a while but hopefully, I will have some screenshots to show you soon :)
In the meantime check out DEMO on http://mmmgamesindie.blogspot.rs/2016/10/codeevolved-white-wolf-2.html

01.png 02.png

Small DEMO update:

I uploaded new DEMO where I moved black flames in Semidori Wolf - Chapter 1 so now you can see wolf before you need to jump over the black flame [IMG]


17 new additional Ever Growing stages by me coming out next month! :) https://ever-growinggame.blogspot.rs/


It's alive!!!

Code: Evolved DEMO is finally released on Game Jolt and Itch.io !! :D

And here is a list of things that you can expect to see in this DEMO:

-3 Semidori Wolf stages (out of 10)

-1 Semidori owl stage (out of 10)

-6 wolf and 3 owl weapons (out of 9 wolves and 9 owl weapons)

-4 bosses for wolf and 1 boss for owl stage

-Joystick support and map function

-2 languages: English and Serbian

Code: Evolved DEMO is coming out by the end of this week. And here is a list of things that you can expect to see in this DEMO:

- 3 Semidori Wolf stages (out of 10)
- 1 Semidori owl stage (out of 10)
- 6 wolf and 3 owl weapons (out of 9 wolves and 9 owl weapons)
- 4 bosses for wolf and 1 boss for owl stage
- Joystick support and map function

See you all soon with a Code: Evolved demo and until then try out some of my other games on http://mmmgamesindie.blogspot.rs/ :)

03.png 01.png02.png 04.png05.png

Hm... should I go into the temple?


Traps! Traps everywhere!!!

screenshot100 (8).png screenshot101.pngscreenshot102.png

Check every map you unlocked directly into Your inventory menu!


Just keep swimming, just keep swimming ... :)

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Code: Evolved - WEAPON SYSTEM

========================== EN ==========================

It is time to reveal weapon system in Code: Evolved game :) Weapons in Code: Evolved will be handled a little differently from White Wolf game. To demonstrate the differences in weapon system between this two games I will make a small list.
  1. White Wolf - Weapons are found in the stages. Code: Evolved - Player can unlock new weapons by spending EXP points in POWERS section of the inventory.
  2. White Wolf - You can equip every weapon you find, and every weapon has a special ability. Code: Evolved - There is only one main weapon and player can not change it. But the player can equip any special ability that he has unlocked in inventory.
  3. White Wolf / Code: Evolved - Every special use Mp.
  4. White Wolf - Player can not attack under water (unless he has equipped harpoon). Code: Evolved - Player can attack with every weapon underwater.

It is worth knowing that Owl Semidori and Wolf Semidori have their own weapon and their own set of abilities. These changes are added so the player can have more freedom of which weapon will unlock and equip first. This can add a replay value and hopefully this system will not disappoint players of a White Wolf game. As for the demo delay, a reason for that is an additional playable character. Wolf Semidori stages for the demo are done, but I decided to add at least one stage for Owl Semidori as well. Working hard on releasing a demo as soon as I can. Until then have fun and see you all soon! :)

========================== SR ==========================

Vreme je da napisem nesto o oruzjima u Code: Evolved igri :) Postoji nekoliko bitnih razlika u oruzjima izmedju Code: Evolved i White Wolf igre. Da bi lakse pokazao te razlike napravicu kratku listu.

  1. White Wolf - Oruzja se nalaze u krugovima. Code: Evolved - Igrac moze otkljucati nova oruzja pomocu EXP poena u POWERS kartici u inventaru.
  2. White Wolf - Mozete opremiti bilo koje oruzje koje nadjete i svako od njih ima specialni napad. Code: Evolved - Postoji samo jedno glavno oruzje i igrac ga ne moze menjati. Ali moze opremiti bilo koji special koji je otkljucao.
  3. White Wolf / Code: Evolved - Svaki special trosi Mp.
  4. White Wolf - Igrac ne moze napadati pod vodom (osim ako ne koristi harpun). Code: Evolved - Igrac moze napadati pod vodom bilo kojim oruzjem / specialom.
Treba naglasiti da Owl Semidori i Wolf Semidori imaju svoj set oruzja i speciala. Ove promene su dodate da bi igrac imao vise slobode pri odabiru speciala. Ovaj sistem bi trebao dodati na igrivosti i nadam se da nece razocarati igrace White Wolf igrice. Sto se kasnjenja demoa tice, razlog za to je dodatni lik za igranje. Wolf Semidori krugovi za demo su zavrseni ali sam odlucio da dodam makar jedan krug sa Owl Semidori likom. Radim sto vise mogu da bi otpremio demo sto pre. A u medjuvremenu probajte preostale MMM igre i vidimo se uskoro! :)

attachFull6023 attachFull6024 attachFull6025

Find special crystals that will expand knowledge about Code: Evolved world!

attachFull6009 attachFull6010

#CodeEvolved Sword LV1 from #WhiteWolf is back! Different attack pattern thou...


#CodeEvolved DEMO trailer!

First special Semidori Owl weapon - Three feathers! :)


I just got this in my email. Someone printed #CodeEvolved image I published a month ago and printed it as a poster :) Nice!


Introducing the first stage for Semidori Owl... and few small Midori Spiders. #CodeEvolved DEMO is coming as soon as I finish work on this stage :)

You spin my head right round, right round [IMG]

Find hidden items for bonus experience points!

222.png 333.png444.png 555.png

One of a few new Midories!


From head to head! https://mmmfree2dwindowsgames.blogspot.rs/

CodeEvolved From heat to head 1.png CodeEvolved From heat to head 2.png


Ever Growing + LEVEL EDITOR now 50% off on Game Jolt http://gamejolt.com/games/ever-growing-make-play/163607 and Itch.io https://itch.io/s/5484/ever-growing-level-editor-holiday-discount ! :)

2 playable characters, each with his own story and stages! Character selection screen :):)

screenshot101.png screenshot100.png

Thank you for the kind words :)

4 new #EverGrowing #hollydays stages added on EVER GROWING + LEVEL EDITOR page https://ever-growinggame.blogspot.rs/

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Posted in Your stages





Well... this is unsettling...


Holidays are coming in #EverGrowing - Additional Holiday stages soon! :) https://ever-growinggame.blogspot.rs/

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