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Harken community · Created a new topic My Findings (So Far)

This is the latest "game" in the Unknown Developer series, since SIGH, but it's cool to see that this dev hasn't forgotten about this series or tossed it to the side. These games were always cryptic and this one is no exception, but having been exploring the series since DPTG, it's always a treat for me to dwelve into these experimental experiences (and have influenced my game creation decisions as well!)

I've had a theory that the whole overall arching narrative in this series explores the concept of eternal recurrence, which is a whole other can of beans I won't get into here since this is about this "game".

TL;DR: In my interpretation of the series, it seems that the Old Lady is Melissa grown old, supported by the fact that they share the same lines, while Jake and Royston are also two sides of the same coin. Jake speaks with aphasia in En Wye because of his head injury mentioned in [ ] and the yowling of pain heard in ED. Melissa also mentions Royston and Jake both being dead, but she could've been referring to Royston as Jake from a separate iteration where all the major events have already happened, foreshadowing them in the current timeline in a way. Also, in OTE when the Old Lady refers to Jake even though he has Royston's voice might also be explained as an older (more jaded) Jake. The ending of ED, with the owl, its eyebrows lit up and the sound of glass breaking can represent these three things respectively:

1. The knowledge Melissa has gained upon her epiphany

2. The enlightenment she has achieved

3. The shattering of her perception of reality, from naive and unaware to stoic and distant

This concept of infinity and repetition is also supported by certain elements that repeat within the series. This may be far-fetched, which it probably is, but it gives me a clear narrative to work with. Back to the game.

[DISCLAIMER: From this point onward, I will discuss what I have found on my playthrough. Your playthrough or findings may differ.]


The opening is like any other in the "games": a UD logo plastered in front of a background and a speaker announcing their name. After the intro, the screen cuts to a B&W image of what appears to be the skin underneath someone's eye, yet it's too cryptic to tell for sure.


This is the first screen to show when getting into the interactive part of the game. If you're familiar with UD's work, you can probably infer what is happening on this screen. The letters with brackets around them represent the keys on a keyboard you can press, while the time ranges refer to the system time on your computer, formatted in military time. Pressing the space key gives you the message along the lines of "NOT NOW". Pressing any of the keys displayed takes you to this screen:


The "Colors of the Ocean" screen feature a cacaphony of background noises: the sound of indistinguishable whispering, the sound of ocean waves clashing and the hands of a clock rotating. If you are able to notice, it seems there is a message blurred in the center of the screen that is too obscured to be elligible. It might just be nothing but it really does look like a message is hidden here. Staying on this screen for a few moments result in this: The screen gradually hues from blue to purple when staying on this screen, afterwards a flash of purple envelops the whole screen, before gradually reverting back to blue and repeating the shift in hue. This is seemingly repeated every five seconds.

The background noises also gradually change in time. I have listed what changes in the audio occur below:

Sound of a honk (some kind of bird?), accompanied with a hushing - Approx. three minutes and fifteen seconds, every time the audio is looped to the start

Whispering gradually fades - Approx. fifty seconds in

No whispering - Lasts approx. a minute and twenty seconds in

Whispering fades in / audio loops - Seven seconds afterwards


If you pressed the corresponding key to what your system time is, the message at the center or the screen should display the message "NEXT?" Pressing the key "y" anytime on this screen displays the message "WHY?" instead of "WHEN?"as shown above.


You probably noticed that the key "Z" is not listed on the TIME SCREEN to be pressed. Pressing the "Z" key causes this image to appear for a split second before disappearing. The image is too blurred to determine the scene displayed, but there may be a clue to discover.


Whether by booting the game another time around, exiting the game upon entering the COLORS SCREEN or simply by random chance, the image displayed during the intro on the first boot of the game is replaced with a different B&W image. The image displays a pair of hands laid out on a surface, while another unseen figure fits both hands with a wedding ring. It's unclear whether this image refers to the relationship Jake and Melissa share or something else entirely.

Hey guys! I think I just found the song that is used for the game Six Books!

Obviously, if you listen to the background music during normal gameplay, it'll sound like a song but something will feel off about it. Reverse it and it'll sound like a bossa nova type of thing. I'm confident that this is the original source of the audio.

The song is called The Set for the Day by an artist called Foreign Sailor.

Link to the original song:

I think UD  used a heavily modified version of it, which is why there's additional instruments used unlike the original.

So I found a secret in Moon Omen that may or may not have been discovered yet.

The secret is actually in the background music itself. Booting up the game and going into it, you will hear a female voice saying something like "musel" in a repeating fashion as it fades in/out while this odd mechanical noise goes on continously. At first you would expect it to be nothing, but turns out that noise is actually a heavily distorted voice. Here's how I found out:

- take the music from the thing ("game") and extract it into an audio file (record it, dig into the files etc.)

- put it into an audio editor (I used FLS, but you can use Audacity or any other audio editing software.)

At the part where the voice fades in and the noise (mechanical sound) plays for a second, pauses, then you hear it click, select the beginning section from when the voice fades in to when it fades out. You will know where to end the section as there will be a strange almost "bubbling water"-like sound fading in as the musel voice fades out. (For the extracted audio, it should start at 16 seconds and end at the 21 mark.)

Next what you want to do first is raise the pitch and speed of that section, and I mean speed it up to where it sounds like the voice is repeating at a fast rate and sounds like a chipmunk (it will sound like the voice is laughing.) 

Afterwards, you may hear the noise finally become somewhat audible as a distorted voice.

If you're still having a hard time hearing it, try changing the pitch and speed to a higher degree. Denoising the musel voice layered on top and the music helps a lot too. Just tweak with the denoiser until the distorted, mechanical noise is clear and little to no background noise is audible.

Here's what I could hear from the voice:

"The storks see me" *screeching noise* ("I see them")? *more noise*

The voice also seems to say something else, but it's too distorted for me to understand.

Wonder what else there is we haven't found yet in UD's old games? Anyway, hope this helps (and makes sense)!


The only strange thing that happens after everything else is that it shows an image of the entirety of the u.s, except it's colored in red. Other than that I don't think there's anything else noteworthy afterwards. It could be a clue, but imo I feel it's more a red herring to throw you off. I'd be more than willing to go back and see if i did miss anything, but I'm certain I got most of what I could. Maybe using winrar and digging into the files could reveal something else? I rly haven't gone back into the arg for about a year now.

tbh, I'd have to go back and play SIGH again. But my best guess has to be at least after 15 minutes. It prob was an easter egg also so it may or may not show up on some playthroughs.

Hope this helps :)

Let me start by saying that you are an absolute genius! No game, not even FNaF has made me think this deep before, so well done. Being a game dev I bet these games are fun but tough to make. I just wanna say that I might have figured something out about the description for Hypno-467767. I could be wrong, but I'm sure that the first 3 blanks on Hypno-467767 are this: "This is a horror..." game and thing, but I could be wrong also (which I probably am).  Do you use C++ to make these?


some one trying to figure out the mystery!

Alright! Time for a new theory for y'all folks! So before I begin, I want to point out that the Outer man that is talked about in SIGH, The Void and in another story on the UD's twitter is a biblical reference to the physical soul (body). So yeah~ UD does make a lot of biblical references in these games (if it's already obvious). I'm pretty sure that when the UD began creating these games that he had a story he built on top of with every game he released. I don't think he was thinking about the Outer man or making women when he first started the sereis. I mean, c'mon? Remember when the series started, and it wasn't so complicated? Plus that's when we first got PTSD! Yeah, I remember those days too... anyway, back to the topic. So as you probably know, the letter "g" is by itself in the thumbnail of two games: FMAY and ATD. But I think there's a clear explaination for why the UD did this (any of you freemasons will already know where I'm going with this). I did the research for what "g" means by itself, and it was pretty straigtforward. The most common meaning is that the letter "G"  stands for God. But it also stands for geometry and Grand Architect. If you want this to be more convoluted than this already is, you could say that it means the color "green" or since there's a voice of an old lady in the earlier games that it means "grandma" (I doubt it's that though...). So yeah... let's hope it all makes sense soon.

So, ok I know this might be obvious at first glance when you see the word GOD you might think, "ooh, UD is referring to the bible and the Lord." But, I looked online for information about the letter G (thanks to the morse code in the word "Me" in For me and you.) and I found some pretty interesting things (if you're a freemason, you'll know what I'm gonna go on about.) The square and compass. The symbol looks like an illuminati sign with the letter "g" in the center/top. But I even found something more interesting (thank you, internet!) Apparently, a hypothesis made about the importance of the symbol: Gamma (G) is a square standing on end, the horizontal arm extended to the right. Omicron (O) is a circle, Delta (D) is a triangle.  The three Greek letters may be combined in a monogram to form the letter G.

So there you go I guess? I guess G.O.D is just the shapes that forms the letter G.

Before I start getting to my theory, I just wanna say that the story on the first screen when you click menu then don't wait have letters highlighted which spell out: "set the clock". Honestly I really thought he was gonna highlight letters that spell out "I can see you" but I guess not. Plus the story seems to be about the Outer Man and maybe everything was revolved around him and not Jake as Melissa as we thought, but then again I doubt it since this "Outer Man" guy is just a character that has been introduced recently in the DPTG series (well, to me anyway). But I put my explanation as to why he is also an important character in all this below.
So... what do I think about SIGH and what are my findings?
Well, I don't even have a clue when it comes to Majora's Mask appearing on your screen and a distorted voice telling you things and counting numbers. I don't even have the FAINTIST thought what that screen means but once his little speech is done, the mask just goes into "Hulk...SMASH!" mode and then takes you to another story (but not after jumpscaring you, yup this is the first time UD includes a jumpscare in his games. And yes: it's loud.). But seeing how it's not "as" cryptic as the one we first read when playing this "game". I have a couple of ideas
I think the story at the end of SIGH has multiple meanings:
first, it could be the Outer Man's story. He's blaming himself because he only wanted to save the one thing he had left: his daughter. He did everything he could... but in the end it wasn't enough. She goes missing (or is persumably dead?)
The other meaning is that the other part of the story may be addressing the player: "the message has been recieved, the answer has been sent". That could mean we have been contacting UD for answers, and in his own way he always was giving us the answers and we just didn't "look inside" enough. And, saying we did everything we could obviously means we have been deciphering every code, reversing every sound and opening up these games and looking inside them and basically seeing what's behind the EXE's. And, just like how the outer man loses everything he wanted even though he did everything he could, we are told that we have been doing every thing WRONG. That's just a kick to the balls, man! For 3 years we've been trying to find every slither of hidden text in these games (or "things") and after losing our sanity with every game that we have  anticipated to decode EVERY FREAKING VOICE IN THIS GAME, (and believe me I was literally questioning my sanity while wondering whose voice is this and why this other voice is the same voice in blah blah and stuff but anyway back to the point.) and going so far as to look OUTSIDE the game to find some clues and answers. And the UD tells us we're WRONG!?
That's like saying, "oh hey, also forgot to mention this to ya but, remember that one time when I told you I could benchpress 60 pounds and I saw you did? Yeah well that was a lie. Honestly I don't even go to the gym. Oppsie but oh well have a nice day!"... Yes this is literally feels like. But... let's stop for a moment: what if we HAVE been doing things the wrong way? Maybe these games were never supposed to be played. Because by opening one of these games you pretty much altered the timeline. What if the timeline was unaltered until you started trying to decode every word in the games? Maybe if we never had opened DPTG or En Wye or SOMETHINGISGONNAHAPPEN then... well, what if the Outer Man was able to set everything right, and we screwed it up because of that one action (oh yeah and I'm not even going to begin explaining why I think UD has set up the Outer Man to make us think he may be UD. That's for another theory.) Anyway that's just a theory.
As for the ending of the story, it could just well mean that the UD isn't finished: they're going to continue to make games and post updates on Twitter and create some sweet dubstep. But that answer doesn't really seem all that satisfying does it? No... what I'm thinking this is referring to (and again, this could be far-fetched) is none other than: the box. The box we actually never really get to see what's inside. You know, the same box that the house turns into when you read about it in Room No167. And we've all been speculating that the Old Lady is in. Oh and let's not forget to mention it's the same box that only appears in about... what, a few games? And then never actually comes back in the future games? (Unless you thought that the game''s icon [ ] was representing the box- but gosh dang it that's for another disscussion!) So... why do I think it's talking about about the box, well when you leave the game alone after a while once you set the time to 23:59, the clock turns over to 00:00 and the screen goes black and you'll notice little glimpses of white dots appear on the screen and a letter appearing: an a. So if you just wait (literally just wait like 10 minutes or maybe even more), two words appear on the screen: DO. NOT. Well that wouldn't really mean anything right? I mean just by thinking about it, it just seems like a warning (which it very well is). Except when you consider the fact that on The Painful Box's description, it also has the same words: "Please... DON'T open it." To me, it seems that this is clearly referring to the box. (Oh and to UD if reading this, then I just have one question: why is there suddenly the Majora's mask in the series? Seriously, I just want to know how you've thought about that.) A~nyways, whatever they do next this means that THEY'RE. NOT. FINISHED. They still have somewhere deeply integrated in their amazing conscience of their's the final piece of the puzzle... yet waiting to be released, and have the DPTG series finally reach a conclusion...

Anyway, hope this helps, now begin your a journey to insanity as you try to find plausible answers to the whole thing :)