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Read. This. First. Sticky

A topic by Unknown Developer created Mar 09, 2017 Views: 5,904 Replies: 1
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-UnknownDev here-

About the "thingies" I make:

  • Yep, they're small;
  • No, they're not viruses.

No harm will ever come to your machine.

More than games, interactive paintings.

Basically, food for thoughts.

Sometimes, there are secrets to be revealed.

Feel free to share your discoveries.

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-UnknownDev out-

Let me start by saying that you are an absolute genius! No game, not even FNaF has made me think this deep before, so well done. Being a game dev I bet these games are fun but tough to make. I just wanna say that I might have figured something out about the description for Hypno-467767. I could be wrong, but I'm sure that the first 3 blanks on Hypno-467767 are this: "This is a horror..." game and thing, but I could be wrong also (which I probably am).  Do you use C++ to make these?


some one trying to figure out the mystery!