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G.O.D is not what you think it referrs too...

A topic by mmc321 created Mar 05, 2020 Views: 80
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So, ok I know this might be obvious at first glance when you see the word GOD you might think, "ooh, UD is referring to the bible and the Lord." But, I looked online for information about the letter G (thanks to the morse code in the word "Me" in For me and you.) and I found some pretty interesting things (if you're a freemason, you'll know what I'm gonna go on about.) The square and compass. The symbol looks like an illuminati sign with the letter "g" in the center/top. But I even found something more interesting (thank you, internet!) Apparently, a hypothesis made about the importance of the symbol: Gamma (G) is a square standing on end, the horizontal arm extended to the right. Omicron (O) is a circle, Delta (D) is a triangle.  The three Greek letters may be combined in a monogram to form the letter G.

So there you go I guess? I guess G.O.D is just the shapes that forms the letter G.