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The reason the letter in morse "G" is in the word "Me"...

A topic by mmc321 created Mar 05, 2020 Views: 53
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Alright! Time for a new theory for y'all folks! So before I begin, I want to point out that the Outer man that is talked about in SIGH, The Void and in another story on the UD's twitter is a biblical reference to the physical soul (body). So yeah~ UD does make a lot of biblical references in these games (if it's already obvious). I'm pretty sure that when the UD began creating these games that he had a story he built on top of with every game he released. I don't think he was thinking about the Outer man or making women when he first started the sereis. I mean, c'mon? Remember when the series started, and it wasn't so complicated? Plus that's when we first got PTSD! Yeah, I remember those days too... anyway, back to the topic. So as you probably know, the letter "g" is by itself in the thumbnail of two games: FMAY and ATD. But I think there's a clear explaination for why the UD did this (any of you freemasons will already know where I'm going with this). I did the research for what "g" means by itself, and it was pretty straigtforward. The most common meaning is that the letter "G"  stands for God. But it also stands for geometry and Grand Architect. If you want this to be more convoluted than this already is, you could say that it means the color "green" or since there's a voice of an old lady in the earlier games that it means "grandma" (I doubt it's that though...). So yeah... let's hope it all makes sense soon.