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what did you expect the controls to be? and have you managed to use it?

Thanks for programing my new best friend 

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it has a restart button in the top left screen unfortunately there is no event system on the 3 level so it doesn’t work 

Also that’s the sound of solving a puzzle wowie!

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wired it defiantly happened to me ill check again

edit: its happening, maybe you made this mistake fixed it and didn't upload the right build? I have no Idea what else would cause this...  

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thanks for the kind words I feel a little better 

What I did for path finding isn’t great though, I spawned a grid of points, points that collide with objects are blocked and the Ai is forced to choose a number of points (each point can only be once in one path) the Ai chooses the point that will get him closer or at least less far away from his the points near him and isn’t blocked. Once he chose one point he repeats number of times this thinking he is at the last point he chose. and then I have a list of points I let him follow, the list resat every second if the target has moved.

 And this way he usually get lucky and gets past an object and to the target 

I am very impressed you managed to pull this off at such a short time it was very fun!

the more games I play the more I am shaming at my 3 levels 3 minutes long game :(

the game is fun but make sure to put your player controller in void fixedupdate and not void update

because if you put it in update the player will move differently based on the fps of the game resulting  that in full screen I jumped lower then in windowed.

make sure to not make this mistake again

thanks to bad it’s so short 

I think its to hard but nice job anyway 

maybe use a program that windows trust next time you post to a game jam or at least put more gameplay screenshots

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very good but the puzzles get hard maybe a hint instead of a level skip 

is the level after the tutorial even possible?! he keeps smashing it every where and dragging me to the road! 10/10

amazing no idea how there that much levels and polish great job!

 mad at myself for not checking if you can destroy the cameras like in portal

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Cool idea The Ai is not dumb he doges bullets like a big boy.

mine barely works I don't know why I even put a path finder on the one that walk doesn't do him any good.

I am so sorry, I couldn't fix a bug in time, in the 3 level doesn't have an event system 

so you cant restart it and you will have to refresh the page to try again (and you will probably need to) and play levels 1 and 2 again

Yeah I need to get a new pc, but I am more of an Xbox guy.
Setting menu will be blessed next version 

got stuck in the level you need reflexes cause I run the game at 5 fps. still fun though 

thank you for playing and sharing you thoughts!

fun to see what creatures you can make 

the game was kind of fun, but it could do with an eating mechanic or something 

fun platformer great level design and player controller fun abilities and a lot of content, only thing ill say is you had time to put a face on this box

thanks for playing glad you enjoyed 

thanks for the kind words I’ll be adding sound and other improvements as soon as the rating ends 

no my pc is garbage, still don't get the cubes if the numbers over the enemies heads is the numbers you need the cubesto land on, the enemies should move a lot slower, you need to explain it better.

not bad you managed to do a fair bit of variety.

is this your first time porting in webGel?

there is a setting in the canvas to make UI scale with screen size

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not too bad, maybe if there was more variety.

you probably had ideas maybe next time you will have time to do what you wanted.

I played against my self , me never had any luck, I destroyed me

cool concept I love it, its cool that when you get half way your character is still where it was when you roll again and you can land on platform below you. 

I discovered a dash ability with right click (or left) wired button and doesn't add anything to the game.  

not bad for a first game, but I can tell you weren't to inspired by the theme

it dosent work it just says "Java JAR classname is missing, can not load game"

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I cant really rate because the game doesn't run smooth on my computer, if you lose frames in the browser version let me know and I'll download the windows version and give it another shot, and also I find the cubes really confusing I am not sure what the relation of them to attacking. and there are also a lot of them so its really confusing   

The camera is awful I could beardy play it part of it is that it get confused when your mouse gets out of the window. maybe just put a top down view to the game

it was fun but what is a wild zone I Won and don't think I saw one

great game good take on the jam really hard, my only criticism is that in snakes and ladders, you also need ladders, there is no good things you can land on, like heal hearth or move forwards 

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the game is pretty good even though its just Undertale clone, still I can tell the main focus is on art and you done a great job at that 

the main menu is too high effort, I am saying not because it doesn't look, but  because you put your focus in the wrong place.

the game wasn't bad but the slingshot ability is way to hard and I couldn't pass some sections with it 

I think you messed up 

I pressed play and there is just blue screen I hear my character jumping but I cant see it the camera is all wrong

sorry about the first question I thought it was  how do you feel about the theme 

the game fits the theme because every level is randomly harder when it comes to boss health or bullet shooters in the level

Fun simple concept 

surprisingly stressful, especially when the the ball moves towards you but the timer wont switch to the next number.   

liked the tunes, it was funny that you timed the end of the sentence with the timer so you will lose and start over

score: level 11 


well the ui scaling problems I’ve been having where that not all hi was on screen and I couldn’t reach the play button.

about the page refreshing on mobile It did happen when creating candy. And once in game so maybe make it a proper app on the play store