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This is actually what goes on in my head at all times.

I really love the voice synthesis and and dialogue. I too am a trash robot.

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> Me clicking pretending I know how to play poker

I love the voice lines.

Donated and followed

pat the cat

I spent a ton of time just restarting the game to mess with the stats.

Hi grinkle skroke.

I feel cheated, where's the game?

Gaming has evolved forever.

10/10 omg. 100% serious. The performance that came along with it was beautiful and tragic, lifechanging.

hi coco cat

Negative numbers never stopped Mario!

I patiently await you slime curling!

This was a fun roll around collecting game!

Ahhhh, this is so heckin' cute. I pummeled cursed Tyler's with my spear and saved Glube-kind.

I'm impressed at Glube's ability to bump into the walls and be unphased.

I pummeled a Glube as Glube. I feel whole.

I was scared that I would be feeding glube the poop. Don't worry, I fed glube.

This was a really enjoyable play. The ship movement absolutely nails the Star Fox movement and firing. The banter as Glube goes on rampage is hilarious.

This was really fun to play. The mechanics were fun and challenging to interact with and the humor had me going. Would love to see an expansion on this.

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This is so good, you did an excellent job. The aesthetic is immaculate. The red keycard disappeared on me when I bumped into the grate near the button closest to the key spawn.

It's just standing there menacingly! The tank and firing feel really good. I'm glad we have such a slimy representation our lord. I keep crashing when jumping around and shooting.

I got beat senseless by a roving gang of glubes. I wanna play this on the arcade cab so bad.

Look, I can't rate this because I worked on it. I guarantee one thing, this fucks.

lol this is good, I'm glad we have a canon voice for Grombit too.

I do not represent the Society of Play for the record, I am just in the jam. There is no prize other than the rewarding feeling of working on a fun jam with a silly character.

The trail of bees and limited movement make this really interesting. Vibes are also calming with this title.

I loved this!

This is a really cool idea

A dream come true~

Textreme 2 community · Created a new topic Limit FPS

Is there any chance we could get a more precise FPS limiter? Currently it limits to 30 FPS but it would be nice to have the option for other framerates. Having some anti aliasing options would also be wonderful. Thank you for the program!

These have a purpose and I have a need.. time will tell...

Hnnnghh.. Can't wait to see these puppies in action

You actually did it. Absolute madlad.


Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! I can finally live out my delivery driver dreams!

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I was stuck on level one because the cereal gets stuck in the corner.

This made me smile, loved it

The character is so cute