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The trail of bees and limited movement make this really interesting. Vibes are also calming with this title.

I loved this!

This is a really cool idea

A dream come true~

Textreme 2 community · Created a new topic Limit FPS

Is there any chance we could get a more precise FPS limiter? Currently it limits to 30 FPS but it would be nice to have the option for other framerates. Having some anti aliasing options would also be wonderful. Thank you for the program!

These have a purpose and I have a need.. time will tell...

Hnnnghh.. Can't wait to see these puppies in action

You actually did it. Absolute madlad.


Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! I can finally live out my delivery driver dreams!

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I was stuck on level one because the cereal gets stuck in the corner.

This made me smile, loved it

The character is so cute

These are very pleasing

This is funny

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I wanna see these lil folks on my desktop living their best life. I'm also curious to see how this system works its way into your other projects.

Feels like a very legit beat-em-up, I love this.

Y'all didn't need to go this hard, this is wonderful.

I love how it feels like an existential crisis.

😂 but hey, the loop sounds good

YESSSSS! Such a cool style, I want to see an expanded game like this.

Woahhhh the camera is wild. I like the music, visuals and how the main character deforms as they move.

I like that I've been given the power to knock out partygoers. Dope animations.

Aesthetic is on point

I like how this game progressed, not what I expected. The music changes are cool too.

The physics in this make it one of the most fun matching puzzle games I've played. I love this. Very chill experience.

It's fun running around with a huge gang of trick-or-treaters. It does get a little laggy though. Fun idea.

That intro and then seeing 'impact compensation' really got me.

Really cool atmosphere. I like this a lot. I am really bad at dealing with the demon, they keep sending me to space.

Love the concept, would love to see this expanded. I sadly couldn't figure out where the purple key was. I visited all the vents and doors I had access to.

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The dracula and scare are wonderful. I like the pacman vibes as well.

These enemies are savage! This game makes me think of my early childhood platforms from the SNES. Beautiful game.

I successfully gained cat!

Yessssss, super cute and fun game. It was fun watching your progress on this and how it all turned out.

Rhythm game AND VN? Sign me up! Awesome gameplay, concept and story.

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I've never clapped so hard in my short life. I love the art and writing in this so much, it's very charming. This really gives me Undertale vibes that I really appreciate.

This game look cool, I appreciate a good card game. The procedural generation aspect was great to see.

Oh my goodness, this is such a cool concept. Awesome job on this!