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Bill Clagett

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fun set of mini games!

Thank you!


Punishing! But so well done, congratulations!

Neat idea! This is really fun to experiment with.

Super cute, nice work! My brain had a little trouble reading the problems displayed vertically like that. (Part of me was insisting that the subtraction problems were division problems.) But that's probably just me.

I understand that. If you are seeing rotation faster than 1 full rotation per second, that would be a bug. Are you?

This is hilarious and, of course, too hard. Nice work! (Also the art is awesome.)

Good idea for using the 20 second constraint! Unique and fun!


The bot should rotate at 1 full rotation per second. That does feel a little twitchy. But maybe I have a bug that makes it faster on your computer?

Thank you!

Thanks for the thoughtful comments!

I don't think collecting all the pucks on the main level is possible. On most of the levels, I am not sure what the optimal approach really is. I just wanted to allow for many approaches so players could experiment. Originally I wanted to add a global leaderboard, but I haven't opened that can of worms (yet?).

I think I will revisit that collection sound! Its got to be short and simple because it happens so much. But it could surely be better.

Heh, a little too relatable! It just needs an option to order a new knock-off remote from Amazon.

Heh, a little too relatable! It just needs an option to order a new knock-off remote from Amazon.

So funny, so good!

really neat idea! this is tough, but definitely something you can get better at (as opposed to just being randomly hard forever.)!

Oh sure enough! Maybe I had my browser scrolled so that wasn't visible or something. Because I definitely wasn't too fast!

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Fun idea, maybe add a timer and some indication of progress? I like the graphics a lot!

Thanks, I think! :) Some of those later puzzles baffled me just minutes after I had made them.

This is a hilarious idea! I feel like I'm playing Twister while tap dancing, but in a good way.

Thanks! I got to see you play it on twitch, which was really fun. I also enjoyed hearing you say "pucpucbotbot", which I don't think I'd heard out loud before. It sounds just as goofy as it did in my head.

Thank you!

Really well done! Stressful in a great way! So much harder than it seems like it should be.

Fun graphics and music, would have been perfectly at home on the old consoles. Especially like the flaming zombies!



Neat idea! This is challenging and fun!

Thank you!

This is really slick. Lots of really nice polish! Music is perfect for this too.


Wow, I am super bad at this! Movement is really nice. The movement and physics when the package attached is especially interesting. I wish there were a little bit of an open area where I could experience that before I (inevitably) start crashing into everything and drop it.

Nice work!

This is a lot of fun. Breaking stuff is really satisfying!

A worthy sequel! This is super fun. I'm always impressed when a game manages to be stressful yet fun enough that I keep playing. Really hard to not try "just one more time" over and over.

My one quibble is that I wish the timer didn't immediately reset when I mess up. I want to see how close I came to lasting 20 seconds, but my eye never gets over there in time before it resets to 20.


And super thanks for the bug report, I do see now that pucks can be double counted when bots are close together. There are only 600 pucks on that level! I'll get that fixed up tonight.

Haha, thanks, and you must just be getting better! 

Those balloons are doomed with me in charge!

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missed opportunity for a jump scare!

cool idea! definitely motivates the player to play again and try for a higher score.

Fun little game! Really cool to include a leader board. And those high scores are amazing!

My high score is 1!