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Mirakuru Isakov

A member registered Nov 07, 2020

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wow, great graphics and story. Just played one ending. Will keep trying. Nicely done! Been following you since Opossum Country. Hope to see more of your excellent work.

Haha. Gonna do a walkthough video about it. Fantastic work! Waiting for another story from you!

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Fianlly, think I got the true ending. Spoiler alert. DC?

Haha, don't mind me. I just got another ending: bear attack. I tried the ancient cemetery twice. Don't know if one of the rocks hides any secret. Guess I'll never know, since I really don't wanna try all of them.

Found the old cemetery and killed by a black figure. Damn! Could you add save & load function? I really hate to do it all again....

Got the bridge fixed and the car running. Killer by the dead man on the backseat. Don't know if it's the true ending.Maybe I'll try walking tomorrow. Anyway, it's nicely done! Congrats! Hope there'll be bgm next time.

Glad to see a new game. Been playing for 30 minutes. It's harder than I expect and definitely harder than the previous 2. Still looking for clues. Nice work!

Interesting. Quite short though. Great work!

Great artwork. Interesting game


where is the engine. I cant find it

Just finished the game. Interesting story. And I noticed that the name CULICO appear again. So I assume that the game is somehow connected to your other game Special Delivery. And maybe you're building a whole universe of your own creation. Can't wait to see more.

Interesting little game. I've got 3 endings. So far, I haven't used the code yet. So I guess there's more to explore. How many endings are there?

NP. I totally understand. I use to develop games too. Unlike you, I can't draw well, even by using computers. So I needed someone to do the artwork. Even so, it is still quite uneasy. Hope you can continue your hobby and keep surprising us with your wonderful work.

An open world-ish horror game sounds really appealing. Will definitely support you! 

Haha, don't mind me. That's just me being stupid. I got the deluxe version anyway ;)  No coke for today though lol

Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself while playing your games (I just finished playing Neighbor). And I'm really interested in your future projects. BTW, the game AF+ER, is it still a gb game?

All the best.

I accidentally paid 2 dollars, so i paid one more dollar. Then i find out that it only counts for a one-time purchase. So I paid 6 dollars for the deluxe version. Please don't let my math teacher see this. He will be so mad that 2+1 equals 0.

Congratulations! Hope to see Deadeus 2 soon.

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NP:).Nicely done. Waiting for the release of deluxe edition.

WOW,what a fantastic surprise! Thank you for making this excellent little horror game. I played it the minute I found it and I really enjoyed myself. Took me 16 minutes to finish the game. Could've done it sooner for a second trial. The music gives me the creeps and being alone in a haunted house really raises my heart beat. Nice work. Think there's only one ending where the woman found the crashed car, right? BTW, I bought the deluxe version of Neighbor, but I haven't really played it. Now I think I can give it a try. Hope to see more horror games from you.

Thank you for the reply. I think I'll play the game again and watch the film again to see if I can make more sense. As a matter of fact, I love novels, movies and games which leave enough space to the audiences. Otherwise it will not be enjoyed for the second time. 

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HAHA, thank you. I'm flattered lol. Here are my guesses. 

1. Jack hit a woman on his way home, and he carried her all the way home. So that's the corpse in the living room.

2. Jack killed his girlfriend (wife?) Lenore (maybe she cheated on him) and covered her with the blanket.

3. Jack lured some girls to his house and killed them to feed the corpse flower.

4. Jack has dual personality or paranoea, he can't tell reality from illusion. His bad aspect took control and killed those girls. That's what Jack calls "dream".

5. Jack is a scientist or something, he runs a secret lab and studied mutant spiders and plants, and fed them with human flesh.

I think that's all for my hypothesis. And I have some questions in my head.

1. What's the meaning for the "beep beep jack" scene? I think it's from the movie IT. But why?

2. What happened to Lenore?

3. Who's the previous owner of the house, why is there a key hidden in the sofa?

4. The spider seems to be in Jack's imagination, what does it stand for?

5. Those books shared the same word "four". What does it imply? I initially thought it would be a password for some puzzles or so.

Sadly, The movie itself doesn't help much in understanding what's going on.

Nice work! Played the game for like 20 minutes. Got 3 endings so far. Are there any more endings? BTW, I also watched the film you made. Now I think I might have a clue on what's happening.