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WOW,what a fantastic surprise! Thank you for making this excellent little horror game. I played it the minute I found it and I really enjoyed myself. Took me 16 minutes to finish the game. Could've done it sooner for a second trial. The music gives me the creeps and being alone in a haunted house really raises my heart beat. Nice work. Think there's only one ending where the woman found the crashed car, right? BTW, I bought the deluxe version of Neighbor, but I haven't really played it. Now I think I can give it a try. Hope to see more horror games from you.

thank you for checking it out! it’s a quicker game than Neighbor because I really wanted focus on the mood and learning some new tricks. 

Really appreciate you getting the deluxe neighbor, your support helps a lot and it really motivates me to keep going!

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NP:).Nicely done. Waiting for the release of deluxe edition.

hopefully within a week. Want to make sure the booklet and extras are polished :)