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downloads coming back very very soon ;)

you’re going to have to wake up from the dream to pick it up when it’s not too high. I can say you should go look at the monolith to the north of your home

I’ll have to check again with them but I was under the impression of December? Also, congrats on the new DMG 🤘🤘

yes that is normal. The game is built to be played in color mode only to account for some of the graphical trickery

download will be back up as soon as Kickstarter is fulfilled :)

Thank you, I appreciate the support!! 🤘🤘

the fulfillment said December but I know they have a good start on everything so hoping rewards go out even earlier

you can, in the meantime, also buy it digitally on switch if you’d like

it will be back available as soon as the Kickstarter orders are fulfilled! sorry about the inconvenience but the updated digital rom package will be super nice :)

the Kickstarter is over but as soon as pledges go out the physical editions will be available at and currently out on switch as well

I thought it was updated. Will drop new files this weekend. That big should be fixed. Sorry about that

broke studio will have these available in their store after Kickstarter fulfillment :) I believe the only version that was Kickstarter exclusive was the deluxe edition 

Go up to items and press a to interact 

hey, not sure where specifically you’re having trouble with but shooting should happen automatically in the storyline. You may be missing bullets so check crates

so from what I understood from the port developers, removing the joycons stops the touch sensor so you can turn the switch sideways but have to keep joycons attached. I know they’re working on figuring out what’s going on

thank you so much for the kind words! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! Monsters drop gold so you should be getting more gold that way. And if you wanna enjoy the game without the stress of gold, at the new game intro where you can press a to watch intro and x to skip, press y instead ;)

yeah def not supposed to happen, will have to look into fixing that but. Thank you for the heads up!

Thank you for letting me know! Will check and fix that!

as soon as the Kickstarter rewards go out the newest rom file and booklet will be back up :)

will have to check it out!

Thank you so much for the kind words! glad you’re enjoying it!

thank you, hope you enjoy!

thanks you for the kind words!!

Didn’t even know that was possible!

Not that I’m aware of but should be up on the broke studio shop as soon as the Kickstarter units are shipped out!

download will be back available as soon as the Kickstarter fulfillment is finished :)

thank you! Will post link to both digital and physical as soon as Kickstarter rewards are out :)

yes, the digital version will be back after Kickstarter fulfillment either here or on the broke studio site :)

Once fulfillment is over they will be available either here or broke studios site :)

thank you for the kind words! Thankfully we ended up making it so I’m super excited for the physical release!

Yes. Anywhere that can play game boy games, including everdrive. Just make sure you’re using color mode 👍

for now while we’re running the Kickstarter.  Wanted that to be the focus :)

that’s very strange. Maybe revisit the well and see if that does it? Sounds like you checked the right things. Well, barn locker, downstairs farmer room, police station upstairs rooms. 

so after all that the monolith still says you need more clues? Check the police station upstairs (it’s at the bottom Main Street all the way to the right) and you’re gonna find some clues upstairs. After that try the monolith 😉

Hey! Thank you so much for playing! Sorry you got stuck! Try checking the well, the downstairs of the farmer and the barn, the church, then return to the monolith north of your house. Hope that helps! Let me know if you’re having issues. The first little bit is supposed to be a bit harder to simulate not understanding what you’re waking up to but the rest of the game should be easier to progress through

currently we’re focusing on the Kickstarter but there is a digital bundle that will have great goodies in there. But yes, post Kickstarter there will be options for digital :)

Aw thank you so much! Glad you decided to start making games!!

the cutscenes are amazing, the writing is hilarious, and the overall story just melted my heart 🥺

will there be a leaderboard and/or achievements? in the middle of my first play through now, but really enjoying immersing myself in the world 11/10 🤘

it’s closer than you think ;)