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I accidentally paid 2 dollars, so i paid one more dollar. Then i find out that it only counts for a one-time purchase. So I paid 6 dollars for the deluxe version. Please don't let my math teacher see this. He will be so mad that 2+1 equals 0.

I’m sorry this happened! I believe you can request a refund from, so you can get the money back :) 

if you were trying to get the deluxe and something messed up just let me know via email and I’ll make sure you get it. 

Haha, don't mind me. That's just me being stupid. I got the deluxe version anyway ;)  No coke for today though lol

Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself while playing your games (I just finished playing Neighbor). And I'm really interested in your future projects. BTW, the game AF+ER, is it still a gb game?

All the best.

I really appreciate the support! Truly means a lot! Especially since I’m just one guy doing this for the love of the hobby, gives me energy to keep going :)

And yes, AF+ER is going to be a game boy game as well. It’s going to be an open world-ish game so it’s taking a bit to create everything but hoping to have it out soon. 

NP. I totally understand. I use to develop games too. Unlike you, I can't draw well, even by using computers. So I needed someone to do the artwork. Even so, it is still quite uneasy. Hope you can continue your hobby and keep surprising us with your wonderful work.

An open world-ish horror game sounds really appealing. Will definitely support you! 

you have no idea how much the support means! Thank you! And can’t wait to share the new game, working as fast as I can to have something out soon :)