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TheIndiesLights is awarded #8 for coming in 5th place.  Please email me to receive your game code.

Now it is Wellzitu's turn.

Now it is Hussain's turn.

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Now it is Steven Miller's turn to choose his two 2nd place prizes.  Previously selected prizes have been stroked-through.

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My email address is thenewhopeteam@hotmail.com .  Please email me so I can send you the Kero Blaster game key.  Look through Steam and pick $25 worth of games/software that is not rated M, and email me your request(s).  If it goes a little over, I might even OK it. :)

As mentioned in the description, the games that get ranked in the top five, will result in the submitters getting prizes.  The first place winner will respond, in this thread, which two prizes are desired.  I will scratch off those two option off the list, and email the game redemption code(s) or find out which Steam game/software desired (if prize choice)..  The second through fourth place winners will also respond in this thread, when it is their perspective turns, with which prizes they desire.  The fifth place winner will receive whatever prize is left.

You are welcome.

Some judges may have already cast their votes.  I do not see any issues with updates.  They may or may not be too late.

The judges have up to 7 days from the end of the submission period.  It is also the current count down.

For our first Game Jam, the RPG Biz Community voted on having a panel of judges.  Only the judges get to vote on this game jam.  The next one may have public voting.

that's OK.  We all make errors in this awesome life of making games. ;)

Thanks for changing it to public. :)

What is your game's name?

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If you set the Viewport dimensions of width to 888 pixels and height to 660 for MV Browser deployments, you will not need fullscreen option.

ADMENDMENT:  If functions well enough without going to fullscreen.

Great.  If you place, then it is up to you two to decide who gets what.  :)

It is very doable.  I have placed in two week contests, with games that took just over an hour to do.  I usually do that if there are not as many submissions as desired. ;)

I have looked again and have not seen any violations in the current four entries.

Thanks for showing me requested information. :) Information removed so as to leave no spoilers.

This is a friendly reminder that the challenge is for the game to occur on one map.  If an area connects directly to another area, yet it is not reached by simply moving there, and the character is transferred, then a new map was most likely used.  Most games that use 'Mario' like tubes do NOT have a single map being used.

You still have about 24 hours.  If there was less current entries, I would make a short game, in about two hours.  Thanks for the update.

Stay tuned though...This may change.  I am testing one of the submissions to see if it violates one of the rules.

Sorry for being a few minutes late,  Son has a new bus driver, and she just picked him up.  It looks like we will have five or more entries, so it will be as originally planned...1 per person/team. :)

Thanks for replying.  Think less complicated. :)  There is lots of room still for creativity.

I have downloaded yours.  I will give notice at 0800 hours CST tomorrow morning, if I will allow more than 1 submission per person/team. 

I get this error:

<font style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">Data Folder not found</font>

<font style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">Details:</font>

<font style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"></font>

<font style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">There should be 'basilisk v0.0.0_Data'
folder next to the executable</font>

Thanks Naomi.  Looking forward to playing it.

I totally agree with your assessment. :)

Thanks for replying.  That looks like the day before the deadline. :)

I played it for a few levels.  This is a fun 2D game.

Thanks for the update.

Thanks for replying. :)

Thanks for replying. :)

I am checking to see how many of those that joined are planning to submit a game.  If there is low submission possibilities, I may modify a few of the rules, which may include allowing a person/team to submit two games.

Posted in Cutscene maps?

This is the challenge of the current game jam.  I use mainly RPG Maker too.  Most people make cut scenes, by having them on different maps than the 'game play' section.  With this one map challenge, if a cut scene is desired, then it has to occur on the same map as the game play.  This will take creativity.  Please do not make a larger map, and then have 'void' spaces between gameplay map and cut scene maps.  Some have made a single map that have gad over ten maps on them, separated by void spaces, so that each map cannot be seen when playing on a different map.  When there are multiple maps on a single map, then it is still more than one map.  Have fun figuring out this challenge.

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1. Violating Rule #5: The game must be made after the announcement on 7/22/2017.  Game was released over a month ago (Removed by Submitter).  This is a Game MAKING challenge, not a Game MADE challenge.

2.  Violating Rule # 10 :  Game must be playable with keyboard and/or mouse control. (Games that charge a fee violate this rule because they also require monetary payment to play.)  Game had a fee to play full version, which was the version submitted (Removed by Submitter). 

I have done the same about a year ago.  It too had only 1 submission out of about seven entrants.

Thank you for responding. :)  I just made a very simple retro 2D game a couple days ago, but still within the time frame.

Thanks.  I am still recovering from a neck surgery, so if I am coming off mean, just let me know.  I apologize for coming off as an insincere person. There may be valid reasons for a delay.  Sometimes, we know about possible delays, and sometimes we don't.  You have been a very understanding host.