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I get the same results as spiderbane1974, just a white page. Are you using any plugins that have sv actors and sv enemies? There are a multitude of plugins that require manual transfer of some files, if you used the unused files option. I guess you are using the MV engine.

If you desire custom made wisps or elementals, I can make simple ones for you.

Here is a sample of my style.

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My favorite game of all time is first edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, which I first played in 1982. The game is so much my favorite that I bought the 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manuel for my 13 year-old son.

It is because of the grandfather of roleplaying games, that I make RPGs. Playing a Neutral Good cleric, might also explain why I am also an ordained minister.

I make a lot of simple 2D images, primarily used as battlers. I offer them for free. If used, please credit MinisterJay or Jay Harrison. Sending a screenshot of how they were used would be nice too. In this package, there is also a lagniappe Mardi Gras bead necklace battler.

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The proto-type of the combination action-RPG with board game feel and elements is Fun Vision Park Board Game (MinisterJay Campaign Edition). I actually released this game when I was running for an RPG game dev forum global moderator. The game is actually played on a map shaped like a board game, with spaces, and even a die roll. Now about the story line. The community want a new park. They want the Fun Vision Park. Unfortunately, the Killjoy Gang Boss, and his minions, want otherwise. Come join MJ, as he searches for fun gems and also fulfills quests to get Funshroom and VisionBird to assist him. Can he even persuade some of the Killjoy Gang Members to change their minds, and become his friends?

It is currently available through Browser play.

The second version of this platform is Finding Hope Board Game Adventure. This game is faith-based. Most of my games are made under the name MinisterJay. I am an ordained minister. The purpose of this game was to show that an action-RPG game could have 'battles' that was more child friendly. Enemies are not attacked, but prayed about. The opponents are not humans, but feelings. Instead of losing hitpoints, when characters get 'hit' they lose Courage. Only a couple of Scriptures are used, and they deal with having faith (to move mountains). Now the story line. Faith has lost Hope, and Hope and been captured by Fear. Join MJ as he is sets out on a quest to find Hope. Initially he adventures by himself. Once he has acquired Joy's Prayer, she can join the team, when he gets back home. Fear's friends include: Anxiety, Doubt, Worry, Nightmares, Hate, Revenge, Faithlessness, and Storms. When fifty of Fear's friend are chased away, and MJ has a Courage of 100 or more, Faith can also join the team.

I am looking to draw new members and customers to ith.io with a potential growing market that is basically untapped, the faith-based.

Due to demand to have a downloadable version, this is currently available through Browser play and Windows version download.

Both are free. The next version of this platform will be Ballden Facing Bullies. It has mainly custom made images that I have made for the Ball People and the Ball World. It uses a concept, which I call "Tru 2D". It attempt to show no depth dimension at all, focusing on height and width only.

UPDATE: I finished Ballden Facing Bullies Board Game Adventure." In this game you will find that characters use compliments, friendly jokes, and praising instead of attacking. When successful, the bully gets closer to being a friend. The bullies attack through insulting and some may try to reduce willpower. Characters have Will Power (WP) instead of hitpoints (HP).

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Sometimes the obvious is too obvious. Thanks a bunch. I appreciate it.

Is it possible to have both downloadable games and browser games on same page, or do we have to have two separate pages? I looked for the option, but did not see it. Maybe I missed something.

I searched the issue tracker, and have not found this issue yet.

Thank you for the reply. A few minutes ago, I made a downloadable resource. It is when I put downloadable battler images, that I saw the screenshot of it, on its live page. I appreciate the additional information you provided; it has been very beneficial.

Hi. This is MinsterJay/InstructorJay. I have been RPGing since 1982, and made my first campaign in 1983. I am a 2D game designer and 2D game graphical assets creator. I am moderator/admin for various RPG dev groups/forums. I love making 2D retro-style RPGs and board games.

I am new member. I have uploaded two of my games. For both of them, I put three screenshots. Where are they seen? Is it because I am the publisher, that others see them, but I don't?



BTW, if I put this in the wrong category, please put it in the proper. I am a mod and admin for various sites, so I love to be compliant. :) Checked the issue tracker's last 10 pages, and did not find related topic.