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UL Game Jam 2 community · Created a new topic Which UL?

There are multiple ULs throughout the land.  Which one is it?

Thanks Dezue,

Every now and then, I like to try to make something different than the traditional RPG genre.


Dues selects ABZU. 

21hrod Selects Ultimate Chicken Horse. 

21Rleick, you are next.

(Edited 2 times)

I will fix that end of game event, and up date the game, after the judging period is over.  After the final score, it was suppose to have a short 120 frame wait, and then return to title screen.  I almost put in some bonus rounds, and that would have extended game play, and offer more points to be added to final score.  Thanks again for the constructive review.

Thank you, RAMADORG, for this sincere critique.  The effect I really wanted to get was having Rand stay on the left side, and have the events and parallax map move towards him, needing to use only the up and down arrows, and eliminating the right arrow.  I agree, having him constantly running would have made the game much much better.

lucid selected Tumbleseed.   

Deus you are next.

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scotty42 selected Armello. 

lucid you are next.

I would like to think all that played this game during the beta testing period.  Without you, there would not have been the vast improvements that were made.

I loved playing your demo.  This is a very exciting prologue to your game, and I look forward to seeing the full version come out.  I love the original graphics and the font that you used.

(Edited 2 times)

I apologize for you having challenges with the Dragonfly font.  It was popular amongst the beta testers.  There are different options that effect how the play will end up, and choices do have consequences.  I do appreciate your input, and will take them into account.  Thank you for playing Wispers and critiquing it.

Which version did you play, downloadable or browser?

scotty42 will declare his prize choice, and then I will go to the next place winner.

I hadn't notice the change, which is good.  The first hour, I was looking for disqualifiers, and this one had been fixed.  It did not catch my attention. :)

The background disqualifies this submission.  If you change it to a 'Tru 2D' format, then it will be acceptable.

Runner Rand community · Created a new topic Bonus Rounds

I am adding 5 bonus rounds to the game.  The points earned during these rounds will be added to final score.

I will be updating Runner Rand the next week or so.  If you see something that needs my attention or if you would like to give the beta a critique, please feel free to.

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Made before "Tru 2D Game Jam started.  Disqualified.

Did you teacher ask you to do this?  If so, what is the initially of his last name?

mark_degica is the IGMC admin that I have been relaying the questions for.

This question is one out two that were sent by email.  It is for the IGMC Game Jam.  I am one of their moderators, but am not an admin.  When email is replied, I can provide the main admin's email address.

Is it possible to lock games from updating their submissions during the voting stage?

You are welcome.

Djajapena, choose any game that is left that is still not claimed.

Please email me at thenewhopeteam@hotmail.com to state if you want the key sent to your email, Discord or Facebook.

VX Ace packaged is back at being an option.

Clipper choose Puzzle Agent.

ARM, you may choose one game from any remaining prizes.

Korinohime selected VX Ace Package.

shyAwayGames selected Eador: Masters of the Arcane and Retro Game Crunch.

Clipper, it is your turn to select a game, from the remaining choices.

14 is same as 13.  If you pick it, I will throw in another surprise item.

My email is thenewhopeteam@hotmail.com .  There you can tell me what your Discord or FB name is.  If you choose email option, it will already be showing.

Troct claimed $20 cash and Rive.  Korinohime, you are up next. Of remaining prizes, choose any 2 prizes up to $35 in value 

You are welcome.  The next may be judged by judges.  That may make it easier for everyone.  As soon as troct selects his prizes, you are nect in line.  I added two additional prize options.

A higher percentage of eachl vote was weighed for that criteria.  I do know the exact percentage itch.io uses.

Here are the results:

Chronicles of Tamria

by Troct

Ranked 1st with 8 ratings (Score: 1.000)

The Story of a Great Blacksmith

by Korinohime

Ranked 2nd with 5 ratings (Score: 0.974)

Enjoyable had a stronger pull than the other criteria.  Another factor is that more casted votes for the 1st Place submission.

The results were calculated by itch.io.  Game submitters were the voters.  Each had a week to play all games and then vote for their favorites.  The three criteria were listed on game jam page.  When a game jam submission period ends, select [Entries] and see the different games.  It will show if you have an option to vote on a game and which ones you voted for already.  

Each prize winner will receive game keys either through email, Facebook, or Discord. 

1st place winner is Troct.  Choose any 2 prizes up to $35 in value. :)  After Troct chooses, it will be Korinohime's turn.