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Did you set your game to public?

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nirwanda is correct.  Many of us are using IGMC 2017's server.  Some Degica staff are on it, and at least one of last year's judges.

Steam keys.

Thanks for the speedy reply.

I am checking to see if I understand clearly.  Last years the judges chose three games to win cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and the public voted on the popular game, which also got a cash prize.  This year, there are three equal cash prizes, one for each of the three categories: Degica's  choice, people's choice, and Youtuber's choice,   

I still get the website not available message.  Is your game set to public?

Why did you try to submit it, right at the deadline?  The link you provided does not exist anymore.

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Yes, you zip the entire deployment folder.

It is not a dumb question, but it is a question that has already been asked and answered.  Title screens are to be made from the RTP title folders images or with the non-imaged option.

RTP images can be used to make items, but their size cannot be edited.

Unfortunately the RTP images cannot be edited for this game jam..

You are welcome.

It was answered in another question.  I recommend it to not go over 30 minutes.

October 25th at your local time is deadline.

I recommend it to not go over thirty minutes.

As with the previous RTP only game jam, the title screen images are to come from those in the original RTP folders.

The New Game Fantasy Data is considered as Non-RTP, in regards to this particular game jam, as it was not part of the initial assets.

It started yesterday.

PG13 is a movie rating used in the United States.  In the gaming industry, it would be between E10 and T. 

With potential edits, some may use those found in the forums.  Thanks for asking.  It helped me make the decision to add another rule.  To keep the spirit of this being a purely RTP game jam, edits will not be allowed.

Email: so I can send you Steam key.

Congratulations on Winning the Heroic Monsters Game Jam.  What do you choose as your prize?

I personally forgot, on of the most important things to do after deployment.  That is to test the deployment.  Sometimes if you check the remove unused assets during the deployment, it actually takes out something needed.

Due to requests, I have added a few more days to allow more to finish their games.

UL Game Jam 2 community · Created a new topic Which UL?

There are multiple ULs throughout the land.  Which one is it?

Thanks Dezue,

Every now and then, I like to try to make something different than the traditional RPG genre.


Dues selects ABZU. 

21hrod Selects Ultimate Chicken Horse. 

21Rleick, you are next.

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I will fix that end of game event, and up date the game, after the judging period is over.  After the final score, it was suppose to have a short 120 frame wait, and then return to title screen.  I almost put in some bonus rounds, and that would have extended game play, and offer more points to be added to final score.  Thanks again for the constructive review.

Thank you, RAMADORG, for this sincere critique.  The effect I really wanted to get was having Rand stay on the left side, and have the events and parallax map move towards him, needing to use only the up and down arrows, and eliminating the right arrow.  I agree, having him constantly running would have made the game much much better.

lucid selected Tumbleseed.   

Deus you are next.

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scotty42 selected Armello. 

lucid you are next.

I would like to think all that played this game during the beta testing period.  Without you, there would not have been the vast improvements that were made.

I loved playing your demo.  This is a very exciting prologue to your game, and I look forward to seeing the full version come out.  I love the original graphics and the font that you used.

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I apologize for you having challenges with the Dragonfly font.  It was popular amongst the beta testers.  There are different options that effect how the play will end up, and choices do have consequences.  I do appreciate your input, and will take them into account.  Thank you for playing Wispers and critiquing it.

Which version did you play, downloadable or browser?