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Thanks so much, we appreciate it!

Thanks Aaron, appreciate it dude!

Thanks for playing! We had bigger plans for what was on the disks but ran short on time

It must be a false positive, what did you scan it with and what file pops up?  I've run this on multiple systems that use a variety of anti virus and nothing has ever popped up.

What graphics card you running?  The game is made with Unreal so the minimum requirements are a DX11 compatible graphics card.  If you have that try first- install the files in the redist folder that is included in the download and/or update your drivers.

Damn, there are so many picky edge cases around the interaction system I guess I missed one.  Thanks for letting us know, I will try to get it sorted,

Yeah, we had plans for other types of disks but ran short on time, so at the moment it's just profiles or unreadable :)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

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Thanks for playing! Glad you appreciate the aesthetic 👌 might be something we'll revisit

Thanks! We had bigger for plans for that but were a bit short on time. Might be something we'll revisit. 

Thanks Neco! We really need to make a full game

The LBRNTH Corporation has declined to comment at this time. 

Appreciate it! Thanks for playing

Thanks! It can definitely take a little while to get to grips with it so could do with some onboarding.

Haha I see what you did there! It does take a while to get to grips with the gravity.

Hi! We'd like to submit Dropship to the bundle

Thanks Dad!

Hey! It's not actually that big but it loops so you can get lost. Playing with headphones definitely helps for the audio cues

Haha thanks for playing!

Thanks for giving it another go.  You are free to traverse the woods however you feel :D

Hey!  Thank you for the feedback, we really appreciate you taking the time to play the game and it's great to hear your thoughts. 

One of the things we wanted to do with the original was the stripped back paranoia type thing, after watching some play throughs we felt it was missing something.  The house changing was always on the cards but we need a way to stop the player noticing or going back ways we had to hide and so we had to add doors.  If we revisit it the house will be designed in a way we can better mask the house as it transforms as that was one thing I thought worked really well.

Thanks for the feedback.  We were on the fence with making the lore more subtle, but given the short nature of it; decided to go for it.  If we revisit this we will definitely play on the mysterious aspects more.

Hi, thanks for playing and thanks for the detailed feedback. We put out an update a couple of days ago that we hope address a couple of your negative points.  Please give it a go if you have the time.

Yeah, unless there's any major game breakers were done with it for now. We may revisit the idea in future but not this specific version

Hey, thanks for getting back to us.  

Is there no way to convert the comments to a topic in the community?

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed the update. Look forward to the video! Yeah, for sure, next month's game is going to be something more chilled because this stuff is INTENSE!!😂 I could definitely see us making another horror game though, it's been fun

Hello, our game has gotten way more comments than we thought it would and the comments section is getting a bit messy.

If I change from comments to community will we lose those existing comments?


Hey! Thanks for playing. Yeah, absolutely get that. We should have an update within the next couple days that makes it a more complete package.

Oh shit! That was funny! Thanks for mentioning it, might not have seen it

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Hey! Thanks for playing. Yeah, it does rely heavily on the audio cues to help if you get lost right now. We're working on a small update which should hopefully have some more visual cues

😂 thanks for playing

Oh man! You did get lost alright :D the woods aren't actually that big but it loops. We'll hopefully have an update after the weekend with MOAR spooks

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Appreciate it man ✌️ thanks for playing!

Sorry man, you're gonna need a dedicated GPU for this one.

What graphics card are you running?

Man! Thanks for playing, that was too funny! The original idea was going to be a loop but we ran out of time for the jam.

Theres nobody in the woods 👀😉

You nailed it guys, this is a great little game.  I was running away from the damn car for over an hour last night.

Thanks for playing! We ran out time towards the end there but we had planned to add the witch. We might revisit in future to add more scares :D