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thanks so much!

and i got to say this did make me feel quite out of control

this game was super fun great job

hey black thorn prod, i know your famous and busy and cool, and I'm nobody to you, but i was wondering if i could get some feedback for my entry if that's okay?

you seem like you have really good taste for games could you maybe try out my submission?

I really enjoyed playing this game

dude i am genuinely in love with this game great job.

me first seeing game "hey this looks easy" also me the entire time playing it "HOW AM I SO BAD AT THIS!!!". jokes aside it was a really great game.

i 1000% agree with what he said, and would also like it if you took a look at my entry if you don't mind?

this is the most creative and well produced interpretation of the game theme that i have seen today. id love to hear what you think of my entry.

hey this game is probably the best game made during the jam. i am extremely impressed on how you made such an elaborate,  well constructed, and fun game. I would love your feed back on my entry, i feel it would really help me become a better game designer overall.

i really enjoyed playing this game. the design and execution are incredible. i can’t thank you enough for making my day so much more fun. i dream of the days when i become as good at game dev as you. your thoughts on my entry would be much appreciated.

i think this game is super fun and should definitely be expanded upon. by the way i’d love it if you were to give me some feedback on my entry

i honestly think this is a really incredible game. i would love to here your thoughts on my entry.

will do

i can’t tell you how many hours i’ve wasted playing this game. super well designed. i’d love to here some of your thoughts on my entry by the way.

i’m really sorry about that...

great idea!

i’ll try!

thank you!


super sorry.

sadly not....

i’d love to here what you think my my entry if you don’t mind

sweet! and i’d love your thoughts on my entry?

i really like the idea and the graphics and music are incredible but one thing id love to see improved was the controls and player movement.

i wanted to critic this game but it would be to hard. i really enjoyed playing this game, the presentation was great, the feel / juice was amazing, and the idea was really well thought out and executed. great job! also id love your thoughts on my entry if you don't mind?

dude you honestly fooled me into thinking this game was going to be normal great job!

Love your game by the way.

i totally understand

how do you get it to work in windows?

I really enjoy the rush and strategy involved in this game, one thing Id like to see in later versions is maybe instead of click and drag you just click the shape and then click the truck?

I really enjoy messing around with the rocket launcher trying to escape the deadly hazards. really great job ArithMetic.

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I'm only 13 so it may not be great but, thank you so much!

please tell me what you think, any bugs there are, and how i could make it better!

how is the so freeking helpful thank you