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Cool! Hope it worked ok.

Thank you! :)

Thanks! Ya, I also dig that ending :)

Man, if you wanna do it, I'm ok with that. Not sure if either of us will have time to work on it more, so maybe 'release the krakens (frogs)' into the wild and see what happens? I dunno how these things work. 

I'm a fan of white boi frog. He smash.

Ha! Nice :)

Great to hear! Did you use videogame controllers?

Hey Denzel. Mike here. I did some of the art and animation. What kind of maps would you like to see in the game? Are you still playing the game?

Hey yo. Just visited this page in the first time in ages. I did a lot of the art and animation. Would be great to do some updates to the game! What kind of updates do you have in mind? Was thinking it'd make a cool side-scroller even.

Awww Yisss, da bes game :)