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I played this game for the last game jam and I was just wondering what was updated? It looks the same as I remember but maybe I missed something.

I played both versions and really enjoyed them! I think with a little bit of touch up and added visual/audio cohesion, this could be a great full game! 

It took some getting used to the controls but its an interesting puzzle game with really nice art.

So glad I could support the secret rebellion against the McDoonalds company.

Really great art, both 3D and 2D! I couldn't get the controller working but I managed with the keyboard


Nice variety of weapons!

Nice use of the black and white palette for the art!

Very cool idea. I like that there is an element of strategy involved in positioning yourself along the edges of the octagon to hit enemies.

That's a really cool puzzle game idea! It was really easy once I figured out what I was supposed to do. If I had a suggestion for how to make it more interesting, having the floor be dangerous so that you have to make bridges across could add some more challenge and maybe objects that the zipline can't be attached to, etc. Great start!

That was a really awesome homebrew game! Love the mix of sprites with the scrolling pre-rendered background. I managed to make it to the boss of level 2 but ran out of lives.

Looks like a great start to a spyro-like game! Level design is very good and might feel a bit better to traverse if it was scaled down about 25% or the movement was much faster. 


This was a lot of fun, I like how the stealth mechanic worked and the boss was a fair and fun fight! Clearly a lot of thought was put into the writing and it would be cool to see the game expanded into something more!

That's a nice dragon

That's a nice dragon

Really great game idea that reminds me of ridiculous fishing! Controls felt great!

Really great followup to Remi! 

Lots of great weapon variety and the difficulty was perfect for someone like me who sucks at fps games lol. I managed to clear it and both worlds looked great! 

Very chill and very fun! Love the mantis enemy design!

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Same issues as others, can't find any way to move or do anything once I get into the map.

Really great game, not just great for a jam! Controls feel SO good and the lizard monsters are adorable!

I couldn't run the game and the page crashed the itchio app and my browser. Do you know what might be happening?

Very cool tutorial level, fun mechanic idea with the spells and great music! Could be a great first level for a full action game!

Windows defender says it's a trojan virus

I think this could be the basis for a great King's Field-like game with a few more things going on. Great level!

I would play a full game of renovating houses like this and paving over eldritch horrors for unsuspecting fools- I mean families. I checked those sockets real good.

I really like the little fleshy monster coming out of the robot! Controller worked for me!

Really great! Very fun levels with amazing enemy variety and very manageable for someone like me who sucks at fps games! 

Very fun! Good short challenges and scarabs hidden in interesting places! 

Super fun, glad I'm not the only one who enjoyed the Godzilla ps4 game!

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Thanks for providing your detailed feedback! I've received a ton of great feedback from the demo which I have been taking into consideration in updates and changes to the demo content. 

In the future, the layout of the opening caves area will be reworked/streamlined. The general trajectory will remain the same, as the point of getting the blast pods before the sword was to discourage up-front fighting early on and focus more on puzzles, but I hope the update will smooth over the bumps in the flow of the beginning. Gemfruits do have a use near the end of the demo in the optional path on the west 2F side of Antfort, but there will be additional uses for them in the revision.

The difficulty of the bosses is something that has been on my mind a lot in creating the game. While I would like to avoid comparisons to Dark Souls whenever possible, the point of having the bosses be initially very challenging is to push the player to not think about them as duels/sword bouts and instead as puzzles to solve. On the one hand, they can all be brute-forced in a more difficult way, or, once a puzzle solution is discovered, defeated very quickly and easily using the mechanic, providing the option for players looking for more of a challenge. That said, I did recently revise Antonio's behavior to reduce the number of attacks between charges and stickerball drops because as you mentioned, it was taking too long to get a shot at him. 

Thanks again for playing, and hope you enjoy the remaining demos! 

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Thanks so much for playing! Yeah that was a long-standing bug that was always in the to-do list and actually just got patched today! The problem was actually that the pots actually get thrown too fast for Godot's collision detection at the start of the throw. it took me forever to figure out. There's also a 20% chance to get nothing from them which made it seem like it happens more than it does.

I actually figured out what the issue was, it turns out you can't launch the game in the app because it won't launch the debug window, so pressing enter on the game window doesn't load a level. But if you open it from a file explorer it works, and all the levels worked fine for me! However, I had a bit of a hard time moving the camera to a middle point vertically on the screen because the slightest tap would move it straight up or down. Otherwise it had great music and a cool feel! Here's a link to the stream clip where I played it:

When I start after pressing enter the game goes to a grey screen with no sound. I'm on Windows 10, do you know what might be the issue?

concise and satisfying exploration of the mechanic!

Really strong aesthetic, I love the player character's hunched walk cycle and the prerendered backgrounds.

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Yeah, that's weird. So the game is loading but the splash screen isn't going away. I'll look into it and see if I can find a solution by the next patch. I've just put out a small update (version 1.9.1) with some other fixes, among them you can toggle fullscreen/windowed anytime by pressing 'P' or F11, which might fix it.