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Yeah, that's weird. So the game is loading but the splash screen isn't going away. I'll look into it and see if I can find a solution by the next patch. I've just put out a small update (version 1.9.1) with some other fixes, among them you can toggle fullscreen/windowed anytime by pressing 'P' or F11, which might fix it. 

Hmmm that's...disconcerting. I don't think I have a out of breath woman sound in the game. Were you hearing piano music? I've uploaded a new version of the demo which is very much further along than the previous version, perhaps that might fix the problem?

Yeah, I forgot to change the text on the title screen but it is the 1.5 version. But I've got a much more fleshed out demo for v.1.6 so the number jump will feel real. Just need to work through a few bugs and then I'll release it.

Thanks for playing the jam prototype! Love the video! I'm working on a full demo which better shows off what the game will be (with combat, a dungeon, bosses, etc) which will be done sometime in April. And yeah I uh...definitely prioritized updating the Sonic OC-tier character model haha. 

I haven't, I'll have to check that out! It sounds like a cool project.

Inspired by the style, but only for PC. I've stuck to the limitations of the platform as best I could, though sadly the N64 is notoriously a nightmare to make games for and the engine I used can't be used to make homebrew games to my knowledge. Hypothetically all of the models, levels, and everything should work fine on an N64 but the code would have to be entirely rewritten which is beyond my abilities. 

Do you have a schedule for when you stream? I'll check it out live if I can! Thanks for playing the games!

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I've been looking into the problem and I've finally run into the issue myself but I can't seem to trigger it consistently. For the next update, I'll include fullscreen/windowed mode options and hopefully one of those will fix the issue for you as I think it might have something to do with window size. It seems this is a Godot issue unfortunately so it might not be something I can fix though I'll try to provide workarounds if possible. 

If the next update (1.2) doesn't fix it for you, I will rebuild the camera system for patch 1.3 and see if that fixes the issue. Thanks for your patience!

Great job nailing the DBD look with the colors in the enviornment and everthing!

The music was really great and really added to the atmosphere a lot! 

The flying flytraps looked amazing! 28 sacrifices were made making it to the moon but the bee Buzz Aldrin'd it's way to space!

Awesome to see a homebrew game made in such a short time! Can't wait to see what other homebrew stuff you make!

The bee NPCS are my favorite! I feel like the speed when dashing and jumping  in combination with the wall jump and awesome soundtrack could lead to some really fun parkour! The enemy design and animation looks stellar too!

Moving and shooting in this game felt great and having multiple weapons was a nice feature! And that music was so good!

The characters and enviornments looked perfect! Though when I saw the truck at the beginning I was half expecting a "the truck have started to move" moment haha! Great work!

Drifting around the circuit to beat those times felt great! 

Navigating the angled enviornment was super cool! Can't wait to see what you do with the idea!

The atmosphere of the game is amazing! There's something about the color balance inside the hive that feels really alien and cool.

It took me a while to figure out how to run the game but it's great! In case anyone else is having trouble, it only worked when I opened the page in Chrome. I couldn't run it through itchio or firefox.

This game has so much style! But it's also super hard with the respawns not respawning honey. But the voice work is great and the enviornments look amazing!

Loved hearing the original music! It has a nice lonely feeling to it.

The 3D models looked great! It's a little hectic but it's got a good core! Looking forward to see where it goes!

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A someone who is decidedly not a shmup-god this game was a fun challenge! I love the stylish character intros! I liked learning how to use the boss' attacks against them in the battles.

I love the game's sense of humor and for a game jam game it has a ton of variety! I would recommend Action Mom and Dragon-Bees again.

I like the idea of being able to track the bee's activities and rename them. Looks great so far!

This was great! Being level 99 made it pretty easy to just auto-attack everything so I forgot to try out the skills but the enviornments were great and you really nailed the FF ATB combat with the look and feel of the fonts, text box gradients and the party animations!

All of the 3d models were awesome and you really used the full scope of capabilities of the visual limitations with the vertex metallic textures and transparency on the mint wrappers. Everything that's there plays super well with a controller and the number of features you managed to get working in the two weeks is super impressive! All it needs is a soundtrack to match to bump it to the next level! And I found the bee!

The levels are short enough and the restart time being nearly instant made it really fun to keep trying things and restarting and learning which corners to cut. They all felt challenging but fair to me!

Thanks so much! Learning Godot has been fun (if a little stressful at times!). I almost considered using Unity but as a casual enjoyer of OSS I figured I should give it a shot and I'm glad I did!

Thanks for playing! In my head I was taking most inspiration from Ocarina and Majora's Mask where Link only does a little hop after moving off a ledge. I figured full-on flying would be beyond my programming and level design abilities for now so I'm glad people liked the solution!

Thanks! The funny thing is, I thought the camera controls were flipped to start with and I confused myself and switched them at the last minute so... uh... that's gonna get fixed first thing in the patch haha

Thank you so much for supplying all of that information! That helps narrow it down a lot if it's happening on the title screen. 

Based on cursory research, it's possible it's an issue with the Godot engine camera, as there seem to be some issues with camera positions returning non-number coordinates but I'm more inclined to believe I've done something wrong so I'll keep looking into it.  

Unfortunately I didn't get a pause working in time for the game jam, and it will be added to the next update.

Hmm...could you tell me any more about the situation? So none of the 3D elements are loading but menus and the health bar and collectible counter appear? Are you playing windowed or fullscreen? Within the Itchio app or downloaded direct? What controller are you using if any? And just to confirm, you're on Windows 10?

Thank you for bearing with my on the issue, it's my first time compiling a game but if I can figure out the root cause of the issue and fix it I'll try to have a patch out as soon as voting ends.

The jump and glide feel so good and Remi's animations are adorable!! The level looks amazing and the lighting is prefect!

Such an incredible game! I love it! Replaying every level to get that S rank was super fun and there's so much variety in the levels!

The scope of the level was huge and the checkpoints were perfectly placed! Really fun!

There's a lot of mechanics here and a ton of assets, it's off to a really cool start! Looking forward to seeing more!

That was so much fun! A fair and good challenge and although I've never played a snowboarding game, this makes me want to!

That was fun once I got used to the reload mechanic! And THANK YOU for having a brightness setting for my dollar store tv!

The art is so cute! By the end there's SO MANY BEES on screen. I love it!