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Regarding fullscreen, I was thinking something along the lines of UI always being in corner/edges and the UI/Tiles size being constant, just when you make the window bigger/full more tiles fit. Kind how the app behaves when you resize the window - everything stays the same size, you can just fit less/more.
But I assume this type of flexibility is not easy, especially without existing framework.

Hmm, that seems to just add a black frame around the game to make it full screen (as in the UI doesn't move to the edges, etc.). I guess it's somewhat better than stretching at least.

btw. love the game, even though I'm dogshit at it. Still kinda miss the time when each relic got different abilities and you picked two elements.. I get why it was changed, but it gave you so many starting options.

It's been ages since I played. Is there a way to adjust the window size?
I know I can alt+enter to force fullscreen, but that's rather ugly. I was thinking more in a sense of keeping the scale, just fitting more on screen.

Great twist on a Dominion-style deckbuilder that brings in some really innovative ideas while staying true to the genre.

Really hope it takes off since there really isn't enough games of this type, especially digital-first ones that can bring in mechanics that wouldn't work in physical card games.

Nah, this was my first time installing this ever.
Maybe it was just an problem.

For some reason I can't install using the itch app.
I'm getting "Can't read property 'build' of undefined".

After playing with Bloop a little more I can see that it's working, the inertia is just that extreme. I think toning it  down a little bit might be a good idea since currently I feel hardly in control at all.

For the drawing, I don't think highlights will solve the issue. If I have a line basically "colored over" to the point it's not visible and it's not detected as drawn then a highlight will only tell me to re-scribble the same area over and over and count on luck. It kinda looks like there might be some bug with detection, since some lines disappear when you vaguely draw near them, and other are extremely persistent to the point where I had to resort to randomly scribbling    nowhere near them  to move on.
And since improving detection might be hard, a manual "move on" button would be a nice stopgap measure, and might even just be a temporary measure. Alternatively have it move after some time/some time spent without drawing or something like that.

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I have trouble controlling Bloop. He moves so slowly I'm not even sure if he is moving towards my cursor, or just doesn't accept input.
Am I supposed to hold something, or should he just move towards the cursor like Bubba?

Also I have gotten stuck multiple times in the drawing minigame, where I've already drawn so much that I can't even see the lines, but it's still not accepting it as valid and I'm stuck scribbling around until it accepts. If better detection is a problem, maybe just a button in a corner to "force progress" when you are satisfied, since currently it's  extremely frustrating.

Other than that, I love it. It's cute as hell and entertaining. Also reminds me of various "desktop pets" so it's kinda nostalgic.

Is there a way to   preview which targets   will be hittable and at what percentage from a given position before actually moving?

How freaking rare are Spike tasks ?
Or do I need to unlock them first?

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Would it be possible to add vsync or frame limiter? The game runs at ridiculous fps and heats up my gpu unnecesairly.
EDIT: I managed to force vsync using nvidia control panel.

No save/load seems like a big deal.

EDIT2: Even with vsync the game uses way more gpu than it should for how it looks. You might want to look into that.

While I'm yet to play more due to lack of time, the update at the very least seems to have fixed the problem with being unable to interact with dropdown settings. Thanks.

Seems to work now. Thanks!

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The game just closes after finishing second level, and if I start it back again and press L (to load) it closes again.
Any ideas what might be the problem?

(happens both in fulscreen and in window)

EDIT: This might be related to the problem that was mentioned earlier, since I have my language settings set to Polish (well, the system is in english, but the "format" settings are polish), which uses comma as decimal separator, but I thought that was fixed already.

EDIT2: Can confirm that changing the separator fixed it. So I guess that patch didn't fix it on the game side.

When I click on "OPTIONS", I get a black screen with only the cursor.
Any ideas what might be causing this?

Starting the game plays the cutscene properly, but then I'm stuck on LOADING semmingly indefinitely.

(this is on windows)

I both restared the game (multiple times), played some then tried again and even reisntalled it once. Nothing helped.

It seems the patch didn't fix this. I just installed the game (got it from the bundle) and most settings just don't respond.
Checkboxes work and sliders work, but any dropdowns just don't react (which includes most graphic settings).
Also most control settings are doubled, but maybe that's intentional to allow multiple binds?