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MG Games

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Hey everyone MG Games is a newly formed game producing company who wish to inspire, create and show the gaming world what we can do and bring games to a whole new level. MG Games have already made several mini games for both browser and mobile devices. We currently have bigger and better projects ongoing and hope to produce these to our fans in the near future. We are open to game ideas from our followers which we can consider using in our projects and will upload our progress as we go along. Hope yous check out our games and let us know what yous think thanks.

A local paranormal team got in touch with me and ask could I make them a simple we game for there team and that is how Guardians Of the Night was made come have a go and see what you think.

Hey guys

I don't know if this is happing to you's as well but Some people have reported to me that they have tried to buy my games and support my games but the Payment options are not working the page just loads and nothing happens is this with Itch its self or have I uploaded it wrong because some of my games you get buy and support OK.