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Thanks for pointing this out. In the latest update, you should now have a scale option in the context menu which should scale to any monitor.

Thank you! Fixed in update 6!

Thanks, both, I'll look into it now.

Okay. I'll take a look and see if I can't upload a patch later today :)

Hmm, can you try removing the json and hjson folders from the main directory and see if that works?

Can I ask the resolution of your monitor? Should be an easy fix.

Only heroes with the personalities of 'Chosen One' or 'Obligated' can undertake world changing quests.

There is not. Sorry. I may set one up, but it all depends on workload etc...

Thank you. What and oversight!!! Fixed in the latest patch!

you need to copy the hjson folder too. It contains the family tree data. I will streamline this tomorrow. 

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Thank you. I'll look into it!

EDIT: Fixed in the latest update.

I just pushed out a patch that will fix this and will apply the points retroactively the next time he levels. Thank you!

Hi, you can grab the window at the top, like a normal window bar, even though one isn't there.

With the shortened release date there may still be a few bugs. If you find any and can be bothered reporting them here I would be super thankful, and I will push updates asap!

I can't even imagine how many hours of snake I played on my Nokia, but it was a lot. Whole bus rides would fly by in an instant.

Your World Serpent absolutely captures the originals immersion. On the smaller worlds, for the first time in my life, I experienced motion sickness which can only be an immersion positive!!  In my mind, the gameplay is perfect and the jump mechanic is a great addition. On large worlds its a whole bunch of fun following your tail just to see how crazy long it gets. I died so many times from being greedy and going for a crab too close to my tail and not turning quick enough; again, just like original snake. Had fun playing this!

You definitely nailed the price-point, and your store page absolutely matches the game. Good job.

Thanks! I had no idea we had been until I read this. Our Steam launch just blew up and I've been answering email and pushing patches like crazy and not had time to keep up with press stuff. 

Thank you! And yeah, the focus button has tripped up a few people. I definitely need to do something with it. Thanks for making the video, it was fun to watch someone else play it :)

I just want to Echo organicpencil in thanking you for putting the jam together. It's been crazy fun. I've not managed to delve into any of the games yet but I'm looking forward to. :D

Thanks: I'm such a Linux newb! :)

The nw.file should run it.

Sorry for the wait. Files Uploaded!

Yes... I just need a day to get the files in order. Sorry!

Well, Catherine has been working like a trooper from her hospital bed and we've managed to get all the artwork into the game, so we've submitted! Thanks all!!

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Thanks y'all :) 

She'll be fine., and we definitely plan on finishing. It's been super fun to make. We're just going to be a little late for the Jam deadline - these things happen! :)

Hey y'all,

Our lead artist has unexpectedly had to go into hospital for an extended stay, and so we are dropping out of the jam! There's no way we can launch in time without her.  Good luck to all the remaining participants :) There are definitely a few games here we'll be keeping an eye on.

The Evergloom Team

Your page looks good, definitely a color scheme that goes well with your game art, and the trailer is spot on. You get into the core gameplay straight away, which is what consumers want to see. Good job!

That's a huge visual leap! Those castles are cool and giving me original Populous vibes. Damn I used to love flattening terrain! :)

We've had a good week, this week. Our build for Windows and Linux were approved through Steam, we got some favourable mentions in the German Press, and progress has been really good.

We added a quick-hide feature so that people playing at work can hide it from their boss, after it was requested multiple times...

And we've really streamlined the code so that it will not use too many resources when running (as that would kind of defeat the point:

I think the best thing that happened this week though was finishing off the engine. All the code for the game is now written and all the final features are added. There is still a lot of work to be done on menus, graphics, tutorials, and intros, but if we needed to release quickly we could!

From the looks I'm guessing either an island survival game? or a Tamogotchi pet style game?

Either of those would be a super interesting addition to the jam.

Used some of these in a upcoming gamejam

Yesterday we spent the day creating some videos. a trailer and a gameplay one, and I'm so glad it's done because I hate video editing!! Anyway, I'm posting them here.

Thanks,. We were in two minds as to whether to even put it on Steam because of all the extra work and being in such a limited time frame,  but we're glad we did now.  The wishlist increase after the article was quite interesting.

Excited to have  a mention on PCGAMER yesterday! Unexpected, and unasked for. Had to follow the sudden increase in page traffic back to it's source.

Good job keeping up the momentum! I had burnout this week, but back now. I'm just realising how much I need a golden toilet :D

Posted a new update on our page concerning out progress this week: but in short... we added a bunch of moods, needs ,and reactions from the villagers which show in cute little thought bubbles, and on the stats page! Fun!

This looks chaotic and fun. I can see from just the screenshots that it's going to be addictive... "Just one more try at the doughnut level!" :D

After adding our lovely charts this week, we've had some coding difficulties, which slowed progress a bit, although we are over them now (crosses fingers and prays to the dev gods). We did did manage to work one of the later village technology tiers, a sort-of post-industrial-steampunk-electronica? And impliment a day.night system. You can see some of the newer looking building in the screens below.

Thanks. Ahhh... I wish that was something easy to implement, or even just the other windows snapping together with the Desktopia one: it would increase user friendliness no end!

Graphs and charts have been my focus for the last few days, with the rest of our team building up an asset library. We've had a few setbacks with implementing fire (and houses burning down) but it is mostly solved now.

Majesty is a great game, good luck on modernising it. I definitely look forward to playing this, even if it is cubes :D