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This is how I could set it up:

  1. Project Settings -> General -> Display -> Window -> Size: Width=64, Height=64
  2. Project Settings -> General -> Display -> Window -> Stretch: Mode=viewport, Aspect=keep
  3. Add OS.window_size = Vector2(640,640) to in a _ready function of your main scene.

The last step probably could be done in a more sophisticated way, though it works well like this. Result:

hello. I'm a software engineer by profession, occasionally fiddling around game development. I'd gladly join the team as an audio/music person as I'm doing computer music as a hobby for couple of years now. Older tunes are on soundcloud, though these days I'm producing beats for a local rapper friend, such as this. Also I can do some coding if needed, used Unity before (ref: itch, github). Obviously full of crappy ideas as well in case we'd run out of those... :)

so I'm not that hardcore, but a decent hobbyist. tell me if you're interested :)

It's called "health potion" in code. Quite difficult to guess since it's only 2 pixels :D

Sure, after some additional testing, linux support is going to be 'official'.

Thanks for playing, Cross! :)

Thank you for playing!  You are right with both issues you mentioned. I intend to address them in a post-jam release.

Thank you for your words! For the music, credit goes to Socapex.

Weird game mechanics here - and I mean it positively. I expected a turn-based gameplay, but then turned out it's the opposite - smashing the keyboard quick to escape the monster. Maze regeneration is also a unique feature. The presentation is a bit lacking at the moment, which is not a problem for a prototype, but in my opinion, this is an idea that can be build upon.

This is an interesting take on the Don't Stop Moving theme. Fun fact, that some Ludum Dares ago, the theme The Floor is Lava was ranked quite high in the theme voting. As Cross commented, the game is not easy, but at least the satisfaction was bigger, when finally finished it.

The map is big, and there is more than only one 'solution' to it, that's a big score for me. Which is also a great addition imo, is the fast paced music. I found myself pushing the buttons as the rhytm - maybe it's just in my nerves after playing Crypt of the Necrodancer.

One more note: implementing the visibility logic improves the gameplay in a major way, and also a nontrivial technical achievment!

That's some serious implementation of the Never Stop Moving theme, with some spicy hack and slash ingredients!

The top-down gameplay is a classic, which also means a solid foundation to build upon, and you succeeded doing it well. Here are some notes that come to my mind while playing:

  • I'm not sure if it's just bad luck, but I didn't encounter the shotgun weapon you proposed on the game page. In addition the laser weapon proved to be less effective than the pistol, so I didn't feel the necessity to change weapons. Maybe an ammo limitation would improve on this a little.
  • Jumping mechanic is a nice addition. Also the little bar on the bottom left is helpful. There could be something similar for the weapon reload.
  • Graphics and music fits well together. On the side of map design, did you consider some more complicated maps? Some variety of the sprites would be refreshing in my opinion.
  • Again, maybe it's just me, but... gore is needed for this genre!


Fine little entry suitable for a mobile game too. Unfortunaltely I'm really bad at these kind of games. Didn't get past 20 seconds :(

Graphics are simple, minimalistic, but that fits the game well. Especially liked the the pig's cute animation.

Technical aspect: infinite runner seems seamless. Also I like the fact you could create a game on such a low resolution.

yep, I like it more than the classic doodle jump games too. 95 is real nice btw :)

done! well thats the game of extreme patience. nice graphics

favourite game here so far :)

actually, the hard mode is easier for me - scored 410 on hard though

Great piece of software, thank you for sharing it!