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So we are making  a third-person fighting game as a school project and instead of
a normal intro we wanted to do something more original.
So please tell me, what do you think of our first pic?


the Unseemly Tales Team

Finally, after two long weaks of work i am finally able to show you the three games i was fortunate to manage in this GameJam.
Please take a look at the hard work from the Teams:


Thanks also to anyone who worked with me on this Projects!

I'm totally with you. Pico 8 only have that "Magenta" Color type. We did our best to defuse the Lava :-)

Thank you all for the feedback! 
Today we're starting play testing.

Hi guys,

like in my previous post i want to ask you about your thoughts to another Concept Art that was made in a GameJam in my Gamedesign School in Cologne.

Like many of you may already guess, the objective of the game is to run left and right and collect the presents thrown by Santa Clause. We currently consider to implement bad items and enemies into the game so that you may have a tougher challenge ahead of you.

So if you have any ideas for Enemies, Items or design in general please let us now in the comment section below.

The Cardboard Hero Christmas Edition Team

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Hi Guys,

we are currently developing a small game for a Pico 8 Game Jam at our Game Design school in Cologne. While we're just at the beginning of the development i can already share the first Image from our game.

Like many of you can already guess, LAVA LLAMA ARENA is a short game were you have to push your Llama friend into the Lava. (More Details of the Gameplay are still in development)

So what do you think of that first pick? Feel free to share your opinion!