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Great game, compares with Mass Effect easily.

Thank you - brilliant game. One question. The About text said it was based on real life + disassociative amnesia. Did you mean real life + studying dis associative amnesia, or that you have it?

That's very surprising, I thought gamemaker was quite a fast engine in general. :) All good dude.

Won't run, gives win32 error about missing directx component (win7 x86 sp1). W

Skelemania - holy crap, for the graphics style this is incredibly slow. Was this programmed in Unity or something?

Christ kid, get a life

See the author's reply

... then you might want to make that more obvious. There's no indication that the game is about piracy from the title, and the statement doesn't come across as a joke, it comes across as one of those typical piracy warnings/admonishments.
I'm not sure how you found it funny.

I'm not using the steam version...

What a stupid comment. No, obviously the game was purchased legitimately through their 100% off offer.

Neat. 30 seconds into the game and it accuses me of piracy. Small glitch there?

Memory leak confirmed - you can observe it growing in task manager while nothing is happening in-game.

Nice music,
great graphics,
speed setting felt a little unnecessary (fastest always best)
spin button should be c - moving fingers between keyboard levels feels difficult ingame

Hey guys,
only a little way into the game and really liking it.
Has a very semi-professional feel, and the music reminds me of starcraft and early 00's games for some reason.
Couple of things:
* I believe there is a massive memory leak issue. I don't know what's causing it but the game crashed and windows complained about there not being enough memory. Of course, with the game gone, the memory looked to be freed up.
* The mouse-button-hold navigating is the most intuitive, but the blinking where the cursor is is pretty distracting. I would remove it.
* The menus are pretty unintuitive - you expect to be able to click on a setting to change it - in fact you have to click on a setting menu - twice, then click on a setting.
* Clicking on 'defaults' in the settings set the music very high (higher than when the game began).
* Dialogue is a pain to sit through when you die and reload, so I would advise autosaves on most rooms, then optional user-saves.
* Graphics are great, but inconsistent - ideally I would want the res of the graphics to match the res of the dialogue images - it feels weird by contrast. Either reducing the res of the dialogue or doubling the res of the in-game graphics would be great.
* WASD as well as arrows would be appreciated.

Graphics, rewarding of exploration, light whimsical tone and interesting-but-not-overcomplicated combat is much appreciated. Will be interested to see how the rest of it pans out, if I can get through the crashes :)


Overall I think this is a good game, but it needs a bit of work to reach it's full potential.

Good things:
Great palette and use of palette changes and lighting.
Fun gameplay, if a little too much filler passages at times.
Good overall conceit.

Right-clicking on the screen creates a firewall effect that harms the player but not enemies.

No savegame!!!
No explanation of controls in download file. Fine if you've got internet access, if not...
InCREDIBLY slow. Try running this on an atom processor. For a game with this low a resolution, it -should- run on a gameboy.
Hitboxes are unclear - one assumes the sword is the edge of the hitbox, but it's in front of the swish of air in front of the sword that is the edge. This leads the player to get too close and get hurt.
No fullscreen and screen does not expand properly for non-standard resolutions (1078x600)
Unclear at times - NPC's ask questions and it's not clear whether you're supposed to or able to interact.
Dead end tunnels.

Clicking 'Q' on the piggies could teleport back to the previous piggie, so that you can 'Q' yourself back through the levels but not right back to the start unless you want to.

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Personally I found it too difficult, and I really enjoyed it.  The difficulty spiked too hard, for me subjectively, once you hit the second level. I hope there's some levels after that. Cause the first level gets easy if you've played it once.

I'm definitely right on top of the guys head - I've tried like 5 times-

Latest version: got to level with rusted door key, couldn't jump from guys head over wall.