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Hey guys,
only a little way into the game and really liking it.
Has a very semi-professional feel, and the music reminds me of starcraft and early 00's games for some reason.
Couple of things:
* I believe there is a massive memory leak issue. I don't know what's causing it but the game crashed and windows complained about there not being enough memory. Of course, with the game gone, the memory looked to be freed up.
* The mouse-button-hold navigating is the most intuitive, but the blinking where the cursor is is pretty distracting. I would remove it.
* The menus are pretty unintuitive - you expect to be able to click on a setting to change it - in fact you have to click on a setting menu - twice, then click on a setting.
* Clicking on 'defaults' in the settings set the music very high (higher than when the game began).
* Dialogue is a pain to sit through when you die and reload, so I would advise autosaves on most rooms, then optional user-saves.
* Graphics are great, but inconsistent - ideally I would want the res of the graphics to match the res of the dialogue images - it feels weird by contrast. Either reducing the res of the dialogue or doubling the res of the in-game graphics would be great.
* WASD as well as arrows would be appreciated.

Graphics, rewarding of exploration, light whimsical tone and interesting-but-not-overcomplicated combat is much appreciated. Will be interested to see how the rest of it pans out, if I can get through the crashes :)