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I'm glad you like the game! :D The music was initially inspired by Starcraft, actually!

- The memory leak issue was noted by some people, but unfortunately we won't be updating the build until release since we're fairly near release now and we moved to Game Maker, making it a bit hard to go back to RPG Maker now to fix those issues (and eating up time of development of the full game). I hope you managed to play irregardless, and I think you can download the older version? I'm not sure now.

- The mouse button hold was a in built feature of the engine I was using (RPG Maker), now it's on Game Maker and there's no mouse connectivity, only keyboard or controler (xbox/dualshock etc).

- The menus were all redone, you can check on the Steam page now that it's more intuitive, with useful information for each little stat and skill. This menu was got from a plugin for RPG Maker and not coded by me, now it's custom made for the game's features.

- Music volumes and sfx volumes were fixed.

- You can save before each scene or at any moment really and there is a try again option right inside the battle. Any more improvements on that won't be done, since it's already pretty easy to navigate on the game and there's little punishment with the try again feature.

- Graphics will stay as they are, since they were thought out like that from the beginning of the development and we're almost nearing its end. Some people noted on that, but that won't be changed, since it's a preference of mine, and also many games did that in the past as well. For a future game, who knows? Thank you for noting!

- WASD was added and you can remap almost any keys in the game.

Thank you so much for playing and I'm really glad you enjoyed the game! Please do wishlist the game on Steam: