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i think thats a gameboy graphical limit, try flickering

what pixels per unit should i use?

i also just learned abt render textures

whats the font in the credits? i've seen it before in srb2k

the pixel vision 8 templates won't link to the right thing, please direct me to them

how did you do the resolution like this in unity?

this is actually a good idea

i'm making a game that has weight as a hidden mechanic that you have to intuit, aka "be wise about", is this allowed?

if i wait a day before doing anything else, can i use the assets i made?

oh damn, well i already made a couple for the jam, should i not use them?

i know you can use pre-made assets. but can you specially design assets before the start of the jam?

update as much as you want i think, a jam is a start to a better game

i plan to make a game with electricity as a secondary mechanic, however i may not be able to implement it within 3 days, should i not submit?

i downloaded, it's very dark and hard to see, much darker than the preview, how do i fix


i don't see enough pinball that actually needs skill nowadays, this is great, the music is beautiful

amazing game, love 1bit games and pinball