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So yeah...

A couple of you noticed that my game (MS Color), didn't work at all. Part of the problem was: I usually export my games to HTML5, but this time I couldn't. Or, well, I could, but the game was not playable at all. So that's why I had to ask someone else to compile my source on Windows. I didn't know anything abut my engines exportation to Windows so I uploaded the .exe, which seemed like the right thing to do...

Spoiler: I was wrong.

The game needed to have the second file ( in the same directory as the .exe.

Anyway it's updated now and has the second file on the second download button! I encourage you all to play and rate it!

Cheers and good luck!

Fixed! Just download the second file.

Fixed! Download the extra file.

Yep. It's missing the file. I'll update it now.. :P

Oops. Forgot to include the file it wants to have. First game that I have to export on Windows.

I'll update it.


Yesterday has already passed and I finally got the main platformer engine down. "Why did it take so long?", you might ask. Well, I noticed that as I made my recent other platformers, I never got the actual animations to work! So I've rewritten a lot of bad code yesterday and added some cool features. Like the strange bounce effect and the animation state machine.

"Here you can see me jumping and bopping around kinda."

Thanks for reading this again!

I'm actually sick of making platformers myself, but all of my ideas only apply to platformers! I really need to finally shift my mind a little.


I've recently decided to join this jam, just to finally make another game after a month of doing nothing. I haven't started on coding yet and only prepared some art. The problem is: The art doesn't look like it's made in MS Paint at all! I can't bring myself to use the horrible circe tool! I just can't! So yeah hopefully it still looks ugly enough to still kinda fit in here. I used Asesprite to animate it and tweak it even more...

Anyway the premise of the game is fairly simple: It's a platformer (again) and you can jump around to complete some levels, the usual.  The twist is you can choose the color you are currently holding and use it to color a platform with it! (Of course some are locked from coloring.) These colors (there are 3 of them) are Red, Blue and Green. These have interesting abilities like Red has the ability to bounce you up high and Blue the ability the let you run really fast (Some insperation from the Portal 2 gels). You can use these to fly through levels.

So yeah that's about it for my first MS Color Devlog (I don't know if to change the name or keep it) and I hope you liked it a bit, bye!

Just added the link! Here is it again:

There are sound effects and even a soundtrack! I guess you've turned the volume down somewhere

Yes, that was what I was eventually going for, but couldn't because of time. Currently they are just effects, but they definitely could be an actual feature.

Thanks! What exactly do you mean by spamming the jump button?  The player jumps automatically when you land on a bullet and if you hold the jump button while flying of it you will go higher. No need to spam, at least as I understood it. I agree with the blocks part, because I couldn't include a tutorial due to time issues and was expecting the player to randomly shoot and accidentally  hit the entrance, to create that "Aha!" effect.