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MS Color Devlog 1

A topic by Melonai created Aug 29, 2017 Views: 131 Replies: 3
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I've recently decided to join this jam, just to finally make another game after a month of doing nothing. I haven't started on coding yet and only prepared some art. The problem is: The art doesn't look like it's made in MS Paint at all! I can't bring myself to use the horrible circe tool! I just can't! So yeah hopefully it still looks ugly enough to still kinda fit in here. I used Asesprite to animate it and tweak it even more...

Anyway the premise of the game is fairly simple: It's a platformer (again) and you can jump around to complete some levels, the usual.  The twist is you can choose the color you are currently holding and use it to color a platform with it! (Of course some are locked from coloring.) These colors (there are 3 of them) are Red, Blue and Green. These have interesting abilities like Red has the ability to bounce you up high and Blue the ability the let you run really fast (Some insperation from the Portal 2 gels). You can use these to fly through levels.

So yeah that's about it for my first MS Color Devlog (I don't know if to change the name or keep it) and I hope you liked it a bit, bye!


Sounds cool - a bit like Mario Meets Portal. The animation looks nice tool.  

We've really gone to town with the MS Paint circle tool, the backgrounds look so bad with it they're almost good again - if you know what I mean :)


Cool another dev log! If you want to make your game look like it was made in ms paint, I've found that unpolished lines (like the janky eyes in your sprite) and authentic colors really sell it. I'm using winxp's paint colors and my game looks appropriately hideous.

The idea for your game sound neat. I get sick of seeing platformers in every game jam, but Iove it when one comes along with a cool gimmick. Looking forward to your game!


I'm actually sick of making platformers myself, but all of my ideas only apply to platformers! I really need to finally shift my mind a little.