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Hi Arquebus,

if you reach the 3 save file max and select New Game, the game will prompt you to pick an old save to overwrite.

Hope that helps!

Brilliant, inspiring, and wildly creative. Very excited to see what comes next!

Brilliant, haunting, so excited for what's next...

Hi Mark, if I recall correctly (this game was from a while ago) there's only one ending for the main story, but there should be an additional infinite mode that unlocks afterwards with a bit of extra story content. Hope that helps!

A beautiful experience, I loved every second of it. By the end, every new screen felt like a revelation.

Hello! Unfortunately there are no plans for a physical release, as much as I would love that. I appreciate your asking!

Hi Huitzilopochtli!

Thank you for your very in-depth and insightful comments! I always appreciate when someone takes the time to share their experience and thoughts on the game.

While I don’t want to say too much (because I don’t want to dilute your thoughts!), I’ll just clarify Challenge mode unlocks when you complete new game +, not new game. I hope you get a chance to experience all of new game +!

I’m very impressed you attempted the descent on new game, it’s definitely designed to be attempted after the player finishes the new game + story, though we decided to let new game players attempt it as well because we knew not everyone had completed new game + by the time we released the expansion. In hindsight maybe I would have locked it away until then, but either way I hope you ultimately enjoy your experience.

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Slimes is a striking, intense, and deliciously-balanced turn-based RPG with a thrilling and immediately-relevant story. It feels like how I imagine a good, minimalist Shin Megami Tensei game would feel, or a Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter riff that goes even harder on the survival horror influence (this is very high praise coming from me).  A scathing psychodrama through and through.

For now, my GOTY 2020 (remind me to check back on this).

Play it and remember that, sometimes, murder is okay. Read every note and defeat every enemy, if that's how you feel.

I love this game so much. Legitimately forward-thinking and gorgeous art direction, fantastic atmosphere, and a story that hits on a modern anxiety that chilled me to the core. To the dev: thank you for making this, I'm so excited to see what's next.

Hi there! Working on it, can't reveal anything now but I hope to get it released on the European and Australian eShop sometime this summer!

Ah thank you so much! Honestly hearing comments like this make it so worth making games, I really appreciate it!

Hi there! On keyboard and mouse the default familiar attack control is mouse 3 (so usually the scroll wheel click), but you can reassign the control in the settings menu (accessible by default by pressing the escape key, I'm pretty sure).

Ah no problem, if you keep having issues let me know! I'm sorry it happened in the first place, I'll make sure my next game is a bit more secure about that ^^; Hopefully you can speed right through that lost time! The game does get better on replays so please do enjoy.

Hmm I've seen this before when a save file gets corrupted or mismatches the update version of the game you're running...sorry about that! There's a guide on our speed running site about how to find your save file, I would navigate to the folder it specifies and try removing your save file and see if restarting the game lets you start a new game. If it still doesn't, there might be a deeper issue I need to investigate.

Oh no I’m sorry to hear that! What platform are you playing on? Also I would just double check and make sure you’re playing the full game and didn’t accidentally download the demo instead of the full game.

Try it now?

Hi Cael! This game is most likely not going to be getting future updates so don't be afraid to download it now! If I do change it to a claimable version instead though I will let you know.

hi toshitime, thank you so much! All of the sacraments are actually a part of the larger game Lucah: Born of a Dream, which you can also find on my page!

this was made in unity!

thank you so much!!

Hi Parattata,

Sorry for the late reply! The game should run from either the Lucah Born of a Dream.x86 or Lucah Born of a Dream.x86_64 file, depending on whether you want to run the 64-bit version or not. Try that out and see if it works!

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!! I hope you're able to enjoy ng+ soon, there's a final ending you can only get by playing it that I have a feeling will really resonate with you!

I like this!! The genre swapping was a nice surprise, and the music track is a great fit.

Oh hey thank you!! I'll have to check it out; I'm happy it inspired you to come tell me!

Hi Gryfyfy, I'm sorry you had that experience. I don't believe the demo was meant to support the PS4 controller, which is why you were probably having that difficulty. If you're still interested, have you tried the keyboard + mouse or keyboard only control options? Those should also be playable for the demo!

As for the European eShop release, we're working on it but unfortunately I don't have anything to announce right now! We're operating with a very small team and almost no budget currently, so we aren't able to get these things going as fast as some of the indies with big publishers are. I would hope you at least get a chance to try us again in the future, whether with the keyboard or if/when we announce an EU switch date!

Wow thank you so much!!

ah thank you so much!! this made my day!

I liked this a lot! A wonderful little story with great, simple aesthetics. The town part really got to me.

No problem, I'm glad I could help! Thanks for leaving a comment!

Thank you!

Thank you so much!

Thank you fumon!!

Thank you so much Starriko!

Hi rollercats, sorry currently that is not possible with how the game was made. I can look into it in a future update potentially but I can’t promise anything. Sorry about that!

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Thank you so much! Have you checked out the game this is a prequel to?

Thank you so much! Excited to more from you all =)

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Hi Antigrav, thank you so much!! I’m especially proud of the highway sequence, so I’m really happy you liked it too!! Feel free to send me questions here, or if you’re on Twitter dm me at @melessthanthree. If neither of those work we can figure something else out!

Mostly from scratch; I adapted some of the unity post-processing effects but that was it

Hi there! This game was developed in Unity.

Congrats on reaching the true ending!! And yes of course it's ok to draw Lucah stuff, let me know if you post any of it since I love seeing fan art ^^