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heck yeah!

We actually already are!

This is so beautiful, thank you bluffy!!

You're doing great! I can't wait to watch this long play reach the end!!

Thank you so much Andrew!! I'm so glad you like the game =)

- colin

Thank you Timothy!! The game will be about 5-8 hours (depending on your skill level) and will launch for $20, with a slight discount for the first week it's out. 

Hey thank you so much for playing Michelle!! I made this years ago and it's still one of the works I'm most proud of, so thank you for giving it a shot and enjoying it ^^

I really like this reading, thank you so much for sharing it!!

Hi PixieRoid, thanks so much!!

This story is part of a larger game called Lucah: Born of a Dream, which is releasing August 21!! You can try the demo at

This game is a wonderful, beautiful, angry, and triumphant clash of aesthetics and feelings and I'm super excited to see where the future episodes go. Please check this out!

hi benzene! The team and I are hard at work completing the full game for release later this year, but there should be a couple updates to the demo before that! I'll be sure to put up a full update write-up whenever I do that =)

thanks so much for playing and sharing!!

ah yaaay no that's ok!! Folks getting excited about the game means I'm doing something right and inspires me to work even harder on getting the full game out there! Thank you so much ^_^

boooooo bad take healthygrain booooo 

Ah thank you so much! You don't know how much this means to me...

ah amazing review. Thank you so much!! I'm glad the game inspired you enough to share your thoughts, I really appreciate it =)

Thank you very much!

Hi DarkShibara,

I just pushed an update that should fix this issue. Let me know if you get a chance to redownload it and try it out. 


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Hi DarkShibara, thanks for the report. Is this through the itch client or from a download from the website? Thanks!

EDIT: If you could, would you be able to post a screenshot of the game at the point where it gets stuck? If you press the E key (or the A button if you're using a controller), does anything happen? Let me know.

a neat little story and nice ending. i love the way space is suggested 

Hi Cakeaple! Development on L U C A H is still rolling along, just been a bit quiet because I'm getting all the busywork ready for release later this year! Hoping to get a big kickstarter update written and published sometime soon, so I'll be sure to link it here when that's out. Thanks!

i was going to post some screencaps to a part that really hit me in a way i don't think i've ever realized before, but i figured it was a moment someone else might want to discover in the same way i did. so instead i'll just say, thank you so much for making this <3

omg thank you sulfurmako, it means the world to me that you think that ;_; thank you so much i'm glad you liked it!!

it's good! I continue to love your style

This is great; I'd totally play a bigger game with this style.

A lovely little story, I was so afraid He was going to be bad but...I was very happy with how it ended.


omg that's some high praise, thank you so much ^^

This game is so good! But you all know that already. So style, so sneaky, so tense.

omg this is great...I loved summoning the cute demon

No rush! But yeah feel free to send me a PM on twitter or something whenever you have something to try out.

This looks really neat Slushy_! I'd be excited to try it whenever you have something playable, even if it's rough!

Ah thank you so much Coelacanthus! I'm very happy you enjoyed this so much.

hi swaglord! For sure, check back and once the game's closer to release send me another message and I'll see what we can do! Be sure to try the free demo if you haven't and tell your friends about it if you like it!

I love the art for this, I'll be excited to play it once there's an English version!

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If you want to be funny, be funny! If you want to do honest critique, do honest critique! But all I've seen from you is an asshole masquerading as a "critic" who things he's the butt of his own joke when he calls game students "mainstream shills".

Seriously, figure yourself out and stop being a dick. If you want to just be a Yahtzee rip-off, fine, but Yahtzee sucked to begin with so good luck.

Good bye, do better, and fuck off.

Look, I get how hard it is to get people to notice your work nowadays, and how cutthroat it can feel to feel worthwhile as a creator now. Engaging with a larger creative community is a great way to keep that grounding, but other people have to feel like you're contributing positively in your thoughts or work, or you get responses like this. I read a few of your reviews in addition to this one, and the majority of what I saw was filled with pompous assumptions pandering to r/gaming types (the unity comment Brianna brought up, the comment about Underhero not being shit despite its indieness and style, even the pervading thought in the Oblige review that it was trying to do Anything other than please you). If you're trying to just do Zero Punctuation-style "entertaining" takedowns of games, if that's what appeals to you that's fine I guess, but if you do it to punch down at games like this, who do you think is going to want to associate with you or engage in good faith? I deliberated a Lot about even giving you this courtesy so I really hope you take a good look at yourself and why you do this, because from what I've seen this is only going to lead to more toxicity.

I'm not talking about the review pal, but I read that too and I'd really reconsider your tone before going shoving that dreck back in the creator's face. "I'm just trying to show a contrary opinion" is not what you did there, and "this is not worth your time, find something better to do" is not valuable critique.

Hi Cakeaple! As of right now I'm more than halfway through the game's main story, so at this rate the game should be out around June of 2018. The full game won't be free, but if your situation doesn't change, send me a message and I'll see what I can do about getting you a copy!