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I can't wait either; thank you!!

Thank you Heathbar; I can't wait to finish the game for you all!!

thank you so much!!

ahhh thank you so much King Zaerdric! I loved watching these

F me this is good. 

Smart, heartfelt, made me feel lots of things, and of course the art is great. Character designs are expressive & unique, and the paint-over backgrounds are gorgeous and ingenious. Perfectly paced and full of wit. 

Definitely better than Pom. So much better.

Thank you very much Mister!

Thank you so much =) I put a lot of work into making this game look exactly how I imagine...

Thank you! I'm excited to release it for you all.

saddening and inspiring all at the same time...thanks for this

Thank you QueenCancer!

Wow thank you Cakeapple! That familiar will show up later in the full game, and the percentage will also play into events later on! Thank you so much for playing ~

Hi H0p3, I'm glad you like the game! The full game probably will be a paid game, but if you need some help getting it because of your financial situation don't be afraid to reach out to me!

Yup, in the current version you can! Whenever you reach a checkpoint room or rest at a checkpoint the game will save, and you can continue the save from the main menu when you boot the game up again.

Woah, that's amazing Sydery! Unfortunately our demo was not designed to handle that level of dedication, so you can't defeat the Messiah even if you could get it down to 0 health, sorry! That's why you'll have to wait for the full game ;)

Otherwise, the first boss (Harbinger) in the tutorial level is totally beatable! The story will advance the same but you'll get some nice experience points to play with.

Hope that helps!

This is a great feature, everyone be sure to read it, and thank you Early Access Gaming!

Hi there, your feedback is heard! The game is being patched to reduce the amount of zoom and we'll work to give you some more options in a future release. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the clarification and for the second play! It's all still useful information. And no worries about pledging! If you like the game, spreading the word about it and the Kickstarter campaign is also immensely valuable!

Thanks for the feedback mustangxy, I really appreciate it! If you're able, could you tell me a bit more about how or why the dodge felt "stiff"? It would help me better understand how I might improve it. Thank you!

Thank you!

This is great, thank you kanetsu! I hope you get to play more and improve. I'm also happy to see a video from Italy, where my family is from!

As I've said on other sites, this is great stuff! Everyone should watch if they can =)

It's meant to be pronounced like the name "Lucah"

Wow, thank you! I hope we don't disappoint =)

Thank you newbish!

Hi Navejar, I'm so glad you decided to try it! Thanks so much for the feedback, I'll keep it in mind as we continue development!

This made my day; thank you so much Mekanik!!

Thank you so much!! We can't wait to finish the game haha.

Hi there! If the game gets funded and development can continue; expect it on Steam sometime next year!

You can defeat the first boss and there's a big experience reward if you do! Messiah fight is technically impossible to win though (for now?).

Harbinger is technically beatable, so try that out if you can. Thank you!

Thanks for the video! Can't wait to watch the whole thing, and I hope you get a chance to play the whole demo!

Thank you Vize, this looks great! Can't wait to watch =) 

Thanks for the video! Can't wait to watch and plug it =)

If you get to that part again, does anything happen when you press the 'E' key? Let me know!

Thank you Abhishek! I hope it gets funded too haha.

Hi there, good catch on the out of bounds error! Going to be uploading a patch to fix that. Which dialogue can't you pass in Chapter 2? Is it after the cutscene?


Thanks so much for the video =) the game has been updated since with a lot of tweaks and polish, be sure to check it out if you get the chance!!

Thanks again for playing Blootrix, I love the video! Have you been able to play any further?

Sweet, thanks!