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Gracias! vamos a revisar que pasa con eso!

When you created the account you should received an email with a confirmation link.

Do you received that email?

If no please give me the email you used to make your account

Hi there.

In the last days, there's too much demand from the market bot and it's constantly out of credits. We are calibrating the buy/sell ratios for this new demand (in english: changing the prices) and it will work as follows:

A. If market has just enough bits, it will buy only rare items

B. If market has accumulated a determined treshold, will trade all others.

C. If market is broke, will only sell.

Our objective is that situation A is happening most of the time while B and C in odd circunstaces. This won't be a problem we solve in an update, but with constant observation of the market flow, over a few months. We appreciate your patience 


Downloading the launcher again solves most of the common problems. Please go to

I just replied to you with a key :D

It is fixed now :D

We had a map corruption issue that caused this problem. It's fixed now and you can capture the point.

Sorry about that, and thanks for playing

Hi, we are providing a fix for that level in aproximnately 2 hours. We found a bug that is corrupteing the level and the point is impossible to capture.

Hi. Gifted game keys do not redeem the game, but if you write to from the account you registered we can try to link the two accounts. Please mention if the registration e-mail is different from the itch one

We are preparing an extensive blog post to explain how the game economy works and how players can earn money inside the game. Yes, you can earn money, though the objective of the game is to have fun, and there are much better ways to earn Bitcoin. Please allow us a week or two tp write this.

Thanks for playing!

There was a reset on all players inventories when we upgraded to a better system and also totally reworked damage calculations. We knew we had to do this so we included a disclaimer in the game saying that "inventories might reset".

We are confident we won't reset the inventories again and this new way we store items for players is more robust and resilient to bugs.

When we released the new inventories / weapons a few days ago we noticed some problems that should be now fixed. If you are still experiencing game crashes could you include a screenshot of the crash?

Also, can we know a little more about the specs you are running the game with (Operating System, Video Card, Amount of RAM)

Thanks for your patience and supporting the development. You are a key part of this project

thanks for sending a crash report!