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Action RPG with Bitcoin economy · By megogame

Website key, not key / redeem page?

A topic by Kwama57 created Aug 10, 2017 Views: 615 Replies: 5
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I own the product key from a friend, created account to activate it properly through the downloadable client on the official site... But I cannot seem to find how to register the game on, i don't want to use the game separate client...

Could an official member of the game team reading me here please provide me with the solution to this problem??



Hi. Gifted game keys do not redeem the game, but if you write to from the account you registered we can try to link the two accounts. Please mention if the registration e-mail is different from the itch one


Hi, thank you for very fast support; i will try that. Cheers.


Hi... It has been more than a  week, i received no reply to my mail at this adress...  Can you help me with this support please?


I just replied to you with a key :D


Ahh that is what i asked for exactly. Thank you kindly!