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Action RPG with Bitcoin economy · By megogame

Can you really earn money with this game?

A topic by elgato created Dec 11, 2016 Views: 1,649 Replies: 3
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i mean, seriously? =0

If i pay 10 dollars (the price of the game), how much bitcoin can i earn? is it really profitable?


In short: No.

A bit longer: If enough players put Bitcoin into the game, maybe.

We will put some money into the server's wallet on the next week update.

We will send an email when the update is ready!


We are preparing an extensive blog post to explain how the game economy works and how players can earn money inside the game. Yes, you can earn money, though the objective of the game is to have fun, and there are much better ways to earn Bitcoin. Please allow us a week or two tp write this.

Thanks for playing!