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Action RPG with Bitcoin economy · By megogame

Game crashes when I kill something

A topic by nissarup created Dec 17, 2016 Views: 445 Replies: 11
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I just put some Bitcoin in my wallet and bought some armor and a weapon. Now the game crashes when I kill something. Usually the first mob I kill, sometimes the second.

I'm on Ubuntu.

I will check what is going on.

Thanks for your report!


Let me know if there are any logs I can provide.

I just tried killing some mobs without armor and weapons. The game didn't crash. I even looted some bits, so when they confirm I should have as much as I put in my wallet before buying the armor and weapons :)

Sorry to bother you again but I am having problems replicating your bug.

Which weapon did you bought?

The heavy clubber.

I just tried again. The game still crashes on one of the first mobs. This is on version 707.

ok! I will check that out.

thanks again!

I just tried the big axe, same problem.

Still a problem for me on vs. 720. I had all my weapons disappear at one point, and could kill lots of mobs without any weapons or armor. But as soon as I bought the sword available at the vendor, the game started crashing when fighting mobs. Still not all of them though, but I can slay no more than three before it crashes.


There was a reset on all players inventories when we upgraded to a better system and also totally reworked damage calculations. We knew we had to do this so we included a disclaimer in the game saying that "inventories might reset".

We are confident we won't reset the inventories again and this new way we store items for players is more robust and resilient to bugs.

When we released the new inventories / weapons a few days ago we noticed some problems that should be now fixed. If you are still experiencing game crashes could you include a screenshot of the crash?

Also, can we know a little more about the specs you are running the game with (Operating System, Video Card, Amount of RAM)

Thanks for your patience and supporting the development. You are a key part of this project

I thought it was fixed. I successfully killed the green guys right around the base camp, but when i went through the portal the game crashes on the first rat down there.

I can't take a screenshot of the crash unless it's a video. The game simply closes.

Here is the details on my computer:

Seems to have been fixed. Thanks :)