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A member registered Nov 25, 2016

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Seems to have been fixed. Thanks :)

I thought it was fixed. I successfully killed the green guys right around the base camp, but when i went through the portal the game crashes on the first rat down there.

I can't take a screenshot of the crash unless it's a video. The game simply closes.

Here is the details on my computer: https://imgur.com/a/drioN

Still a problem for me on vs. 720. I had all my weapons disappear at one point, and could kill lots of mobs without any weapons or armor. But as soon as I bought the sword available at the vendor, the game started crashing when fighting mobs. Still not all of them though, but I can slay no more than three before it crashes.

I just tried the big axe, same problem.

The heavy clubber.

I just tried again. The game still crashes on one of the first mobs. This is on version 707.

I just tried killing some mobs without armor and weapons. The game didn't crash. I even looted some bits, so when they confirm I should have as much as I put in my wallet before buying the armor and weapons :)


Let me know if there are any logs I can provide.

I just put some Bitcoin in my wallet and bought some armor and a weapon. Now the game crashes when I kill something. Usually the first mob I kill, sometimes the second.

I'm on Ubuntu.

In short: No.

A bit longer: If enough players put Bitcoin into the game, maybe.