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wow. Stage 2 is a great improvement! I had a very good time with it. :) A few adjustment suggestions: weapon upgrades that drop from killed enemies to help increase damage on the boss targets to come would give it a nice sense of progression. With just the base weapons, I had to spend a lot of time and effort to finally kill just one or two of those, and while the challenge was fun, it did start to feel like a slog after a while, and you begin wishing for something with more power. Especially as the ships don't die even after being soaked for quite a while and eventually just leave as the level progresses. That feels like a small failure for the player. 

Don't take that feedback to mean I didn't like it. As I said before, stage 2 is much better and I'm truly excited to see how you progress Omega Wing from here!

Might I suggest adding some way to inform potential customers that support for games by devs that don't elect to provide contact information will not be possible? This would help customers to realize they should consider this fact before deciding whether or not to buy someone's game. It might not be necessary to some or most people, but for some, it is. I, for one, didn't understand this and might not have chosen to buy it had I known there would be no way to submit bug reports. 

Or, perhaps a better solution would be to provide a bug report functionality for all titles, natively on, that is separate from comments or direct contact methods. That would certainly resolve the issue more systemically without requiring the dev to make a choice between sales and offering direct contact and/or enabling comments.

I'm sorry, as I know this is off topic for Glennhaven, but would you be willing to enable comments for Trigger Happy? I'd like to comment about a bug I'm experiencing. 

Sadly, no luck there either. :( But thanks for the swift response!

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I'm trying to figure out how to contact a game dev (in this case @muusi). Their page doesn't include a contact method, and their game page (in this case Trigger Happy) doesn't have comments enabled. I need to report a bug, but the only way that I can find is to include the bug details in a review of the game, and I don't know if they're being seen or acknowledged by the developer. Is there another route I'm just not aware of, by chance? 

I enjoyed it, as a proof of concept! It plays well, though it's super basic at present, but that's what proof of concepts are all about. I'd personally like to see where you'd take it from here.

This looks fantastic. 

I would actually like to build one of these for myself. Might you be willing to share your hardware architecture?

That fixed it! :) Works perfectly now. Thank you! 

(the change was on line 22, for reference)

quick update. To troubleshoot, I removed my keyboard mapping for all my buttons so it's only receiving input from the detected joystick. When I press the same button, it crashes the same way. So it's apparently not related to keyboard input, and solely something to do with detected joystick button presses. 

Quick bug report. Plays fine when using a keyboard, but when using a detected joystick, it crashes with a runtime error when I press a button mapped to X:

I just realized that the linux zip file contains a .png file but not a .p8.png file. So it seems I cannot perform the steps here because I only have access to compiled versions of the game.

It works for Windows and Linux desktops where dragging and dropping is functionally possible, but not for raspi, where splore is launched by a frontend like Emulationstation (common for raspi handheld consoles, arcade cabinets, etc). When I add the file to the /carts dir, it doesn't appear in the File menu in splore either. And, when I try to manually load the .png from the commandline, PICO-8 says "could not load putrid_s4nd.p8.png" 

Hello! Love the game. Bought a copy. How do I load it from within splore?

Love the game, paid for it, but then realized the zip file doesn't contain the .png version, so I can't add it to my raspberry pi PICO-8 handheld. :( Can I get a copy of the png, please?

Awesome! thanks!

Will First Access buyers be given a Steam key when the game is eventually made available there?