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Mega Miley

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Lovely concept! My main criticism would be on having better polish to the game but in terms of the main concept I really liked it!

Fun little game, there does seem to be a bug (or leftover debug thing) where if you right click you get sent back to level 1 with no warning or confirmation.. Would have been better if it didn't reset my gameplay after level 3 when I accidentally clicked that

Fun little game, the level design was kinda unclear though and there is at least one puzzle where you can get stuck if you cut the rope too soon after which it becomes impossible to break the pot. Other then that it was fun to play :)

Cool game! Got quite challenging the further in you got but had a nice progression to it, nicely done!

Fun concept, the controls were brutal though, couldn't get past the level with a slight overhanging floor because I could only jump up or fall to the left 

Haha yeah the flipped cars were something I noticed as well but I liked them too much to fix them :P

Thanks! The credits are on the main page here on Itch itself :)

I've already got an idea to combine this theme with the "You are the power source" theme that was also on the list, and no it's not a rouge like in any way, good luck everyone :D