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Okay, this is probably a little bit out of the ordinary, but bear with me.  I am a type designer and I recently created a font that I made specifically with visual novels in mind.  I am attaching an example of the character and style maps below.

As I am planning to sell this font and because I'd designed it with VNs in mind, I was hoping to get an artist or two - or even a team working on a visual novel - to grant me use of their assets (or create new scene mockups) so I can display my font in several pictures.  Admittedly, I probably could just buy some assets off the site (or go looking for free ones), but I was hoping to work with established projects/artists for two reasons:

1. It'd be a great way to showcase your visual novel or artwork (yes, I know - exposure - that one word artists dread hearing)

2.  You might be interested in having the font in your actual game (exposure works both ways!)

Granted, as I mentioned exposure, as a type designer and artist I know that can be a pain.  So while I can't offer any money at the moment, what I can - and will - do is offer the following: a permanent, commercial license for my font (the full set with all styles is going to be retailing for approx. $100 US), as well as prominent mention of your game on the images that will be used to sell said font.  As an example, here's a mention I have for a font I currently sell here on  The credit is currently at the bottom right, but I will place it where it can be seen best in the artwork and I can make it larger (we do want to advertise your game and art, right?):

Preferably, I'd like to work with someone who does vector artwork (as it would showcase both art and fonts cleanest), but I can work with PS, Clip Studio, etc.

So if anyone's interested, please let me know.  

We're now proud to be selling our fonts here on, and first up is the weird and wonderful Voynich!

Based on the mysterious tome known as the Voynich manuscript, Voynich is a uniquely eerie font capable for use in your project, editable in Photoshop and Illustrator and comes with the basic Latin character set!  Available in regular, hollow and etched styles, it's sure to be an eye-catcher!

Sounds like a case what you would want dedicated emoticon/emoji dingbats.  Premade ones don't require you to have to construct them (though you would have to use your computer's character map function); most word processors have that built in as well.  Am I guessing correctly?

Thanks.  That would actually require different typefaces (e.g. Times Roman for standard text, with something like Baskerville for a warmer feel.)  I have created a ton of variants for one particular font before, but that generally tends to get pricey for VNs, especially indie creators who I completely understand want to keep things as low-cost as possible.  Plus, the more extended character sets you add to a particular single font, the longer it takes to read (unfortunately, font files aren't as small as bitmaps, though they do a lot more work.)

I'll see what I can do about particular subsets, though; I do want to make this as accessible for folks as possible.  Thanks again for the input!

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Hello, I'm a type designer (aka a font maker).  I'm currently designing a font (OTF/TTF) made with visual novels in mind and wondering what some of you VN creators out there would like to see in one?  Some of the ideas are the typical ones (extended character sets, etc.), but I'm also thinking of some other things that will help the design (e.g. a subset of characters replacing Os with hearts, etc.) 

Some of my work can be found here and here.  You can probably also download some of my fonts at free font sites around the net.

EDIT: In the long run I'll probably hit up a couple of VN creators to actually test this as well. 

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Curious as to if you will be supporting layering so the images could be inserted into things like Live2D.