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Thank you for the kind words! 💜

I'm working on improving my coding skills and hope to have more software and updates out later this year. Here is a early peek at a little project I'm planning to finish up this month: Spice Runner: Genesis

Yes you can!  🟥🟦🟨🟩

Nice tool for making and framing unique sprites. Easy to use and lots of options.

I like the 'import palette' feature. It would be nice if it supported user uploaded *.pal files too :)

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Nice tool for creating sprites.

Some characters that I think looked fun:


I had better luck using smaller numbers for the '# of shapes'.

I also gave some of them a quick pixel treatment and I think a few of these could turn out great with extra details added:

These track are great! Thank you for sharing them, I look forward to checking out your newer stuff.

I used several in a demonstration for a free pixel art tool...

Thank you very much!

Yes, the 'Turmites' are a form of cellular automata, also known as Langton Ants or 'vants'.

A lot of other examples I've seen around the web usually use only 1 or 2 turmites and they are usually the same type or just a 'mirror version' of each other. This farm module lets you play with several types and place hundreds while being able to swap colors, save/load your farm and doing a few more things which hopefully makes it a bit more like an art tool.

Cool, thanks for the details!

This would be handy for a small RPG or tabletop game. Fun!

I made a bunch and I think like making shallow desert islands the most...

I also liked pushing it to the limit and making some kind of, fur? And then maybe breaking it 😨

Nice and useful, great job! Did you use any type of max/min for distance and node count, or other parameters to make these?

I really like the maps that have a kind of 'grid' start and progression like this one...

This is fun to play with. I like how the trees change when you use 'alt'.
After making some forests I experimented with inserting my own images, and while it looks chaotic I think it could make some cool stuff using this.

The variety is amazing! I really like the ones that look like some kind of nautical 'fort' with a column of windows.

This has a great style and music. I think it would make a fun city builder even if kept minimal.

Great job!

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Hello everyone,

I created the new Turmite Farm module in Agave Art Sweet as my submission.

Hope you have fun!

Thank you!

I've featured some of these in Level 5 in my tower defense game about pixel art:

I'm a big fan!

I've featured some of your art in the first level of my tower defense game:

I love your work, thank you!

I've used a cropped bit of this beautiful sunset in a pixel based tower defense game I'm working on. It's in LVL 3 right now.

Thank you!

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You're very welcome, and thank you for your comment.

This is for you:

You're welcome, and thank you!
Your project looks like a creepy trip I had once 👻 I like the classic PlayStation theme.

I tried stealing all their sacks but got sacked :P

I hope people enjoy the example.

(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

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Hi Luck!
I'm working this asset pack into my alpha 3 build for 'Agave Art Sweet!' This set will be the default example in the new 'Layer Player' module where you can experiment with layering art and creating simple parallax scenes on the fly without any coding or animation experience. I've added a credit for you.

Great work & Thank you!

Thank you for that! Battle God is my first released game so it means a lot.
This pack of yours is flexible enough to do lots of things, I really enjoy it, nice work.


Your sprites are so great!
I used some in feature examples of a free pixel tool I just released:

I hope that's okay, I credited you and put a link on the page.
Thank you!

For sure! I sent you a download code for the paid version to your Instagram account.

Free version is available here:

Drove to Canada, found inner peace.

Nice character creator. I made a doomer.

Very nice!

Hello, great work on these I added them to a project and credited you! I also sent you a DM on IG :)

Thanks! If you have some way for me to send you a direct message I'll give you a download key.

Looks like you have your Twitter direct messages turned off. Enable that and I'll send it over.

I really like these sprites and plan to use them in a tiny game where the player can swap out sprites to make a customized battle. If you post a way to directly message you I will send you a download key! Great work!