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Thank you for the quick reply.  I was confused with no instructions. I'll have to check out the rp systems.

How do you play this game?

Where are the instructions for the game. I think I understand it, but would like to make sure. Any help would be great! Thanks!

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Are there any tutorial videos for these games? I found some in spanish, but not much help. The instructions are not very clear.  If someone could make a video, or point me to where there is one, or provide some more detailed instructions, that would be awesome. Thanks!

Had a few questions on this gamee

When we initially place a circle on the record track, on our first turn, do we draw that room to start on the game, or wait and draw the room on our first official turn?

If we land on explosion dn we have to cross off a room, or is it optional?

Do we only do a market phase, or only when have an eye under the hourglass?

What I we are unable to get a tower cap? Is there a way to mitigate it?

Do we only count to obtain a score if we are able to 'cap' a tower?

I'm really enjoying your games. 



Also, I see some updated pdf files for the map tile backs (still no 9 grid map tiles).

The problem is that in order to access the updated files, I would have to pay another $1.00, when I already spent the money to get the game in its entirety.  Help!

I bought the pnp bundle that included this game.  I prefer the 9 grid layout, but noticed there are no map tiles, map tile backs, or scavenge deck backs.  How can I get those prints?

Thanks for the reply.  Yes, that helps!

Thank you for the reply.  I had asked if there was a way to ask questions, but noticed the last post was over 2 years old, so I figured it was dead.  Anyway... Here some questions.

* What are the value of the statues?  They are expensive for only giving one point.  It would seem they should be worth more points or something.

* With the throne room...I take it the "gain points equal to the throne room's depth..." only happens when you first buy it?  

* To make sure I understand correctly, the 'unique' label on the tavern, gaming den and concert hall simply means you can only have one of each?

* I know it's meant as a simple roll and write game, but it seems there should be more to do with the gold.  (ex: At the end of the game, gain 2 points for each 5 gold (or something like that).

* It would be cool to have a point breakdown ranking at the end of the game.  (Ex: 80 - 95 apprentice dwarf... etc.)

I really have enjoyed playing this game! I'm eager to play some of your other games on and

Thanks again!

I found this game and am enjoying it! I did have a few game rules questions, but I don't know author's email, or mailbox to ask the questions. If someone could help me out, that would be great!

Had a question. The results that are beside each enemy, how do the results work? Is it that, with the first enemy, you have 3 attempts, with each attempt a different goal number, or is it that you have to roll any one of the three amounts to defeat the enemy. How do the following enemies work.