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Had a few questions on this gamee

When we initially place a circle on the record track, on our first turn, do we draw that room to start on the game, or wait and draw the room on our first official turn?

If we land on explosion dn we have to cross off a room, or is it optional?

Do we only do a market phase, or only when have an eye under the hourglass?

What I we are unable to get a tower cap? Is there a way to mitigate it?

Do we only count to obtain a score if we are able to 'cap' a tower?

I'm really enjoying your games. 



1: You do not build that initial room

2: Explosions are generally bad, and also compulsory

3: You only do a market phase when there's an eye on the time track, or when you do an early one by triggering a predictor

4/5: Tower caps let you score elements early. You get to score everything that's not crossed out at the end of the game as well.