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This is not bad for your first ever game! Keep it up!

The shifting is definitely the coolest part. I also love the art and music. I found that sometimes I would jump a little late off a ledge and have it count as my double jump instead of my regular jump. If you update it, I think a little coyote time would go a long way to make it feel more fair. Other than that though I really liked it!

Anyone looking for an extra challenge, here are my best times for each level. This is after both making the game and playing it for a long time, so congrats to anyone who can beat these!

Level 1: 4.26
Level 2: 7:49
Level 3: 6.61

I like it! The first play through felt very hard and disheartening every time I fell or died. Then after beating it and getting the upgrades it felt very easy and I could start to go for fast times.

Thank you! Art is definitely my weakest skill when it comes to making games. I appreciate the feedback!

Good game. Boss is very very hard. I eventually beat it by cheating. If you hold down jump, you wont bounce off blue gears or the boss, so I stood on the bosses head and dealt infinite damage to him, then jumped off after he died.

Probably loot crates and pay to win too XD

The ledge grab is cool. Super hard though. Took me just under 10 min to finish, and that's with skipping a couple sections by jumping over the top of the screen.

Very awesome art and music. Well done! Definitely a space bar breaker though.

Cool! Its a little rough around the edges, but it gets the job done. Also, please never scare me with that man again XD

Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm not to sure on how to fix the audio issues though, I'll have to look into it.

Yo nice! I'm super glad you liked it!

Overall I like it! However the top part of the split in the path on level 3 seems like you could go there, but is impossible. The low path though has a lot of blind jumps.

Love it! My best time is 34 seconds