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To be honest, I have no idea. Some features may work with controller but I might have to go back and add that. I'll put it on my todo list for the game.

It's not my best work but I'm glad you had fun. More stuff coming.

Technically, yes. You just gotta GTFO when the time is right 🏃‍♂️💨

Fue difícil recopilar todo lo que dijiste ya que no hablo español, pero me alegra que hayas disfrutado el juego al menos un poco.

I'm glad it got a good scare out of ya. Great video btw.

Don't worry, this isn't my best work either. Glad you enjoyed it though.

Hi, while localising my games isn't really a priority of mine, I'll definitely consider including multiple languages in future games. As for right now, I'm just focused on finishing a proper game that isn't just an updated game jam submission. When the time comes that I do want to translate my games, I'll be sure to hit you up 👍If you would like to talk to me about anything else, you can join my discord server and message me from there.

1. Take pizza out of oven (careful, it's hot).
2. Place pizza on cutting board.
3. Eat slice-by-slice
4. Enjoy.

Appreciate it, thx 4 playing.

Thx :)

Tbh I just found it weirdly intimidating and went with it. Glad you enjoyed the game, cool vid.

Glad you enjoyed it. Great vid.

Incredible work, Peter.

Thanks. Bigger things on the way.

Honestly agree.

Always love seeing the scare reactions. Thanks for playing.

Thanks, means a lot. More on the way.

I'm very glad you had fun, new horror game in the making as we speak. Thx for playing.

The order shouldn't matter. Thanks for playing, though. Great vid.

More scares to come dw. Thx 4 playing 🤙

Could be a problem with your Unity player plugin. Try playing on another browser or try downloading the game.

Well I think 9/10 might be too generous but I appreciate it regardless. FYI you can increase/decrease mouse sensitivity in the pause menu (P).

Cool video, bro. Glad you enjoyed.

Yo that's awesome. Glad you liked the game. Keep up the content 👍

No. My games have never had and will never have malware attached with my knowledge. I believe scans for these things anyways.

Happy you enjoyed it.

Great video bro.

Do you have the latest version installed? If so, thanks for letting me know about the problems you're having. I'll look into them and see if I can fix the problem. To eat the pizza, simply place it on the cutting board once it's out of the oven and eat it slice by slice.

Sounds like the game did it's job.

Glad you enjoyed it. Cool video btw 👍👍


Glad you enjoyed it. If you like horror games with less jumpscares I highly recommend the 'Little Nightmares' series.

Thanks brother, means a lot.

Hey man, I agree. All of the games I've uploaded to Itch were made for jams so I never had the time to flesh out the things I actually cared about like story and atmosphere. These were mostly just good practice games to learn the engine, etc. I have no idea why this game in particular is getting the attention that it is but if it puts eyes on my page for future games, then I'm happy.

Glad you liked it. Cool video, too btw. Keep doing yo thing.

Ayy idk where that $5 went but I'm glad you liked it bro. Great video 👍

Glad you enjoyed. Great video btw 👌

Thanks for playing. Nice video as well 👍

Cool video, thanks for playing.