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Someone was nice enough to make a gameplay video, so here is a link to that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG1Muq9hIls

This is one of the best games on here, but in all seriousness is there no quit to desktop button anywhere?

Just a note, you can 'cheat' by spamming all of the buttons.

The mobs I encountered could be group into two categories: pigs and sheep are farmyard animals, while foxes and boars are woodland animals. These are just what I saw, but as it stands not compelling things to fight.

I followed the floating crossed swords icon, but I could not find a boss; I am going to assume there are no bosses yet, or crossed swords don't represent the location for a boss battle.

Purposefully collecting items and leveling up are just grinding/busy work, and in classic RPG sense this was a way to space out story events. As I take it the point of grinding here is to improve your odds in boss battles.

Created a new topic What is the gameplay?

TLDR: I guess what I am looking for is the pitch for this, because the description doesn't tell anyone much of anything.

I messed around with this for a little bit, but could not really find a "game". This is clearly a collection of game components, and I understand that this is very early, but I don't believe I have enough information to really explain to someone else what the gameplay is supposed to be. There is an inventory system and a skill tree, but they didn't play any real role in my short play session. As of right now that only thing I can figure out that the player does is wander around killing woodland creates and getting stuff from shrine structures, which by itself isn't very interesting.