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I am aiming to finish and release build 5 next weekend, and there will be a big dinosaur, the Allosaurus to hunt. There will also be a little zoo level for looking at the dinosaurs as I added them. I am taking steps to optimize a fair bit of the graphics, so hopefully performance will be better. Along will a bunch of new weapons I also reworked the projectile physics, so the bow/rpg will be easier to use.

I am not entirely sure, but I think your video demonstrated a bug. The player has two parts, a floating camera with the gun/weapon, and an invisible character controller capsule for movement/collision. It is possible that the two player components got apart such that your last shot at the raptor might have hit the character controller capsule, thus instantly killing you. It takes about 3-4 seconds for the raptor to kill the player.

I managed to fix the bug with the crashing, however I was not able to save or load the game, not sure if there was something else I had to do but clicking on save game or load game didn't do anything. I really enjoy this and I am planning on playing it more and more as you update it! I can't wait for the Allosaurus!

Here is another part of the game:

Unfortunately I forgot to disable the "Save" and "Load" buttons because they are not functional at this point. For build 5 I added an auto save system, which will allow you to load back to the last checkpoint. Also I have a quick save system from build 4, which can be used by pressing "F5" to save, and "F6" to load instantly; the quick save system in build 4 wasn't fully working, but now I think I got it.

I made some changes that should make the game run better, and additionally added an in game graphics menu under "Options" that can allow you to tweak the game performance.