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I have kinda shelved the project for now, as I just lack the level design skill required to really bring this into a proper game.

I hadn't figured out the performance problems of the prototype level, but I am thinking it might be the volumetric clouds that are using so much CPU time.

Like most features the console commands are not finished or polished; I did intend to have a giveweapon command just after the list weapons command, since the list weapons command was made entirely to help with giveweapon.

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Well, I'm planning to get a hold of a computer to replace this old 2010 (the graphics card is recent) computer, which will have a six-core processor. Once I obtain better hardware, perhaps I'll try this again. Like I said, I still had some fun playing with what I could.

I'm about to give this a second shot as I now have six cores, and six threads.