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What is the gameplay?

A topic by McShooterz created Sep 29, 2016 Views: 682 Replies: 3
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TLDR: I guess what I am looking for is the pitch for this, because the description doesn't tell anyone much of anything.

I messed around with this for a little bit, but could not really find a "game". This is clearly a collection of game components, and I understand that this is very early, but I don't believe I have enough information to really explain to someone else what the gameplay is supposed to be. There is an inventory system and a skill tree, but they didn't play any real role in my short play session. As of right now that only thing I can figure out that the player does is wander around killing woodland creates and getting stuff from shrine structures, which by itself isn't very interesting.


The main game as you can see is divided into "runs" each run has a random objective (Currently there is only available the boss objective) where the goal is to complete that objective, It can go from killing a boss to completing a quest. While you are trying to meet this goal you will encounter different structures and mobs which affect your Player. They can give you XP and improve your abilities, collect new items, etc. That would be the ideal gameplay. By the way what do you mean by woodland creates?

The mobs I encountered could be group into two categories: pigs and sheep are farmyard animals, while foxes and boars are woodland animals. These are just what I saw, but as it stands not compelling things to fight.

I followed the floating crossed swords icon, but I could not find a boss; I am going to assume there are no bosses yet, or crossed swords don't represent the location for a boss battle.

Purposefully collecting items and leveling up are just grinding/busy work, and in classic RPG sense this was a way to space out story events. As I take it the point of grinding here is to improve your odds in boss battles.


Hey you should check out the new update, it is definitely a big improvement in gameplay and graphics. Just run the launcher and it should auto update itself. Here are some images:

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