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Well you certainly soften your response, but your first reply was DEFINITELY vicious. I'm guessing you have irritation over your own hardships making games and simply ended up venting on me? God, it's been a long time since I read it, but just looking it over again, I find it just so mean spirited. Who says that to person? Definitely somebody lacking empathy. It's very Troll-like.

Thanks! That's high praise. 

What did you like about it? Dislike? And is there anything else you'd like to see? 

Groovy! What would you like to see in the future? What was good and what wasn't?

Oh man, if I could get some of my friends to play any of my games, it would be a HUGE boost. I have a buddy that's tested out most of my stuff... once. His feedback is always vague and trying to get him to test out changes is like herding cats. Beta testing is a job, and I don't have friends willing to work for me for free. Even if he likes the game, there's so much vying for his attention, he'll never get around to doing it again. Once he's curiosity is satisfied, that's it, game over. No matter what I do, he's done. 

Interestingly enough, I had an easier time developing and testing board games, as board games give you a captive crowd that aren't so easily distracted. My successful game Line Dice (on Amazon now) was thoroughly tested through over a dozen testing sessions with my gaming group. It's hard to do that kind of testing with video games. 

It's odd that, only now, has Itch.Io gotten around to notifying me of these last responses to my post... 3 months later.... >:[ 

I'm not too sure what your issue with "Pay what you want" is. On Thingiverse, they mention donating to the artist after each download. It's a polite way to mention that, if you enjoy somebody's hard work, it couldn't hurt to give them a dollar. You'd give more to that to a waitress, and they are already paid to bring you your food. You're getting a hell of alot more out of downloaded game. It seems wholly unreasonable to think a game maker deserves less. Have people's opinion of game makers really slipped so far, have people become SO ENTITLED to games, that you'd fault a game maker for even suggesting the possibility of donating a dollar for all of their hard work?  Would predatory DLC make you feel better? Tell me you've never spent a dime on DLC. Hopefully, now, you can appreciate  how upsetting your opening paragraph was. 

As for the other constructive feedback, thanks!

The scoring system is an issue I couldn't resolve to my liking. I know it can be fixed, but for the life of me, I can't see why it doesn't work as intended. It would have been nice to work with somebody else on that one, somebody who could help iron out the bugs I couldn't make sense of. I think I do alot of brilliant things, but sometimes I just seem to have blinders on to obvious solutions. I'd love to work with somebody who's mind works on things from an entirely different angle... maybe somebody properly analytical, but who doesn't always excel at creative solutions. I need an Egon Spengler to my Raymond Stantz.

The Gems and the Monster, I don't think there's much that can be done there. The gems have both unique color and shape. The monster has to come up from behind the gems, snapping it's massive jaws, acting as both a distraction as well as very intense timer. In VR it feels all the more intense, massively looming and closing in. I can't see it coming in any different way. It has to come right at you, right behind the gems. 

Music would be interesting, but sort of outside of my wheel well of knowledge. I ad-libbed some silly background music in Alien TSA. Well amusing in that scenario, it would seem in poor taste in this setting. The best I could do was wind-noise. I could add some wind chimes in the background, maybe? If I could find music, it would have to be subtle, so as not to take away from the tension. A few piano keys, maybe. 

If you played the game, let me know! If you liked it, REALLY let me know! I could add all kinds of stuff, I have more then a few ideas, but unless somebody talks to me, I can't see having the motivation to continue forward. Throw me a bone, here! 

I have spent over 18 months making Mine Tank. It started out as a test of random level generation and grew into the shooter you now see. 

A present, the game's development is at a stand still. Despite all of the hardwork I invested in it, I could never find steady beta testers or any help developing it. Developing in a vacuum as left me wondering about my design choices. What I really need is some feedback and encouragement to continue onwards. I think it's clever and fun. What do you think? 

Thanks for the compliment, but it really is a VR-only game. It would be pointless to play in 2D. Might as well just go play Bejeweled. 

I have been very focused on VR development, but without a FOVE headset, myself, I don't have a means to develop for the platform.  Both of my currently available VR games could be shaped for use with a FOVE, but I'd need a headset and some Unreal Engine support to do so.  Here's the games...

I must be thinking about the age of the Universe. There's a 14 Billion somewhere out there. 

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There was a jerk on this forum (who I will not bother to identify) who took offense to me saying I did amazing things. It seems the idea that anyone who wasn't himself isn't qualified to ever be called "amazing". Well I'd like to say that EVERYONE who puts a game up on this website is easily qualifies as AMAZING!

There are over 14 Billion people alive right now. Less then 1,000,000 of them are programmers. Maybe 1 in every 100 has both the talent in art, design, and sound, as well as the pure gumption to actually make and release their own game. That's 1.39 Million people to every ONE of you. If you, single-handedly, made a game and posted it here, congratulations: You are LITERALLY 1 in a Million. 

I live in a college town full of lots of talented people, and I've only heard of 2 whom ever released a game by themselves. Maybe you'll never be famous, or a millionaire. I think we can count all of the famous lone video game creators on both our hands, with fingers to spare. Even if nobody else acknowledges your work, or even seems to believe you in what you're doing, know that you are special. You are AMAZING! 

Troll, much?

Has anyone gone to either of my game pages and taken a look at what I posted? Perhaps there's something I've missed? 

I'd love to know what that means. Like, what is "Marketing"... and not like a dictionary term but as real-life steps. I've tried bugging some people in YouTube that review VR stuff, to no effect. I can't seem to post on Reddit because I'm lacking some sort of access to it. I don't know much about Reddit as I rarely ever use it. I only found out about after alot of internet searches specially about how to "market" an indie game. I'm all out of ideas here. 

This isn't even a new thing. All my life I've made amazing things and never had a clue as to what to do with them. This failure to connect is especially biting as making video games have always been a life-long goal of mine.  

And yes, the VR community *SHOULD* be eating this content up. They are DEFINITELY desperate for games. But unless it's on Steam, I don't think anyone will touch it.  I had high hopes for, but it seems it's just not a significant player in VR, at this time. 

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Not too sure if we're comparing apples to apples, here. You are selling a game for $5 that isn't even out. No screenshots, no game-play videos, just a vague description of what it might be, sometime in the future.  The music is nice, but I would be impressed if you made money off something that doesn't appear to be anything, yet. 

On the other hand, I'm giving away, for free, today, games that can be downloaded and played right now. The two games are well documented and cost the end user nothing.

I'm having some doubts as to the usefulness of this website. I've had a bunch of views for my free VR games, but not a single download. I have videos, screenshots, it all seems solid. I'm not demanding a penny, but there's been no downloads at all. It's all very depressing. Am I alone here? 

Maybe "Free" is synonymous with crap? Should I have demanded money? I was just hoping for some encouragement and freeback. My picky friend with a VIVE told me they were solid.

I took a shot at seeing if I could merge Bejeweled with VR to create something new. Taking my usual amount of bizarreness (see Alien TSA), I designed a game were you make gem combos to fend off a massive metallic monster. The beast snaps it's building-size jaws and leers at you as it slowly approaches. Meanwhile little flying eyeballs swarm to distract you. Fail to score enough large combos in time and you'll end up in it's faceted stomach. Each level the boss has more health and moves faster. There's no limit to it's speed, but even shooting with both hands I couldn't make it past level 11. 

On the VIVE, click in your grips to make a "Finger-Gun", and on the Rift, just hold in grips in to shoot. You can do likewise to release your finger shooter and pick up stuff, but right now there's nothing to pick up. If you like the game, please let me know. Any encouragement or suggestions would go a LONG way towards more features in the future. And any money would help keep the lights turned on! 

Gemstone Shooter

Also, if you're interested, Alien TSA VR is still available separately on it's own page: 

Alien TSA VR

If you like the game, please let me know. The tiniest bit of encouragement could go a long ways. And if you'd like to see some new features, DEFINITELY let me know. 

I converted a little game I made for Android over to with in Virtual Reality. It's a crazy idea with colorful pixel art and low-poly style, in the same artist vein  as Katamari Damacy. It requires at least Windows 7, 64-bit, and has been tested in both the Oculus Rift and the VIVE. It's free, but if you like it, tipping me a dollar wouldn't hurt. In it's current incarnation, it's about a 5 minute game. See if you can get to the Kill-Screen.